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0 reviews
32 Becharry Road, Blacktown NSW
1 reviews
Room2304, Building #4, Shi Ji Hai Wan, North Hubin Road
Xiamen Mandarin Fun School is good fun enjoying. You can check
0 reviews
BlockA Zhongxin building NO.29 north of Hubin road Xiamen city 厦门市湖滨北路中信广场A栋18A
0 reviews
North Hubin Road 27# 湖滨北路27号
2 reviews
Royal Hill Residence 75 Qiao Yue Li,Siming District,Xiamen 厦门市思明区侨岳里75号
I heard bad things about it. I have heard that the foreign teachers teach the dance classes and the Chinese teachers teach phonics and pronunciation... That is backwards in my book... You really need ...
1 reviews
Siming District Xiamen Dorm near Ruijing PLAZA 前埔瑞景商业广场后面厦航宿舍对面龙宝斋
One of the best contents I’ve read recently. Thanks for this Get girls whatsapp numbers and sugar mummy numbers. <a href=""> Girls whatsapp numbers<...
2 reviews
262 Xingbei San Lu, Xinglin, Jimei District, Xiamen, People's Republic of China
It is not that good, too expensive, does not provide VPN. Anyone who wants good grades should not go there. The teachers teach nothing. Most people leave just after Christmas break. Bottom line: don't...
3 reviews
No. 101 Dong Zhai, Zeng Cuo An, Shi Ming District,Xiamen, PRC 361005
592) 2516373 / 2516375 / 25163
e school is managed by mostly relatives of the owners who make every teacher's life miserable. They send teachers home without due process. If one relative doesn't like you, then they do something to ...
1 reviews
厦门市思明区会展北里41号(海峡国际社区内) 邮编:361008
It has to be one of the best kindergarten in Xiamen, very well organized, with a level of cleanliness unprecedented in China schools, you just hope to be more affordable, hehe
0 reviews
7 lianghua south road, siming district
0 reviews
4th Floor, Bldg. #10, Aide Air Industry Park, Gaoqi South 12th Road, Xiamen City 厦门市湖里区高崎南十二路艾德航空工业园十号楼四楼
1 reviews
BlockA Zhongxin building NO.29 north of Hubin road Xiamen city 湖滨北路中信广场A栋18A
Awesome teachers, super flexible schedule, competitive rates. I would recommend them.
0 reviews
36 Xianqianzhi Street, Zhangzhou City Fujian, China
6 reviews
Room2508.No.2 Haiwanxincheng HuBin North Road 湖滨北路27号海湾新城2号楼2508
I give myself 5 stars. Due to my hard work and patient to all students here. Come and try~ I offer one free lesson for the new student.
0 reviews
Room 1503?Building C?Robinson's Galleries Siming District 厦门罗宾森广场C钻石阁1503室
1 reviews
Jimei Campus: No.600 Ligong Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, China. Siming Campus: 394, South Siming Road, Xiamen
Their buildings have wierd names like, Purity Building... uhmmm glad this isn't Germany
2 reviews
Ruijing New Village, Hongwen Yili, Building 25 瑞景新村洪文一里25号之一阳光灿烂教育培训中心
I used to teach at this kindergarten, so I always felt like it would be a bit biased if I wrote a review while I worked there. I don't teach anymore, so I feel a bit more free to write it. Here goes...
2 reviews
F/2 District A, No.101 Jinqiao Road, Xiamen 厦门市金桥路101号A区2楼
My son had a trial class last Sunday, and he was most the most enthusiastic student there in a class of 6. Great facilities and clean environment. What's holding me back is the tuition fee as it is mo...
0 reviews
2F,Xie Cheng Tong Shang Building, No.8, Hubinxi Road, Siming District,Xiamen 思明区湖滨西路8号协成通商大厦二楼(天虹对面)
3 reviews
No.95, Tiyu Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区体育路95号
More English novels and children's storybooks have been added in the first floor. Free lectures and film showing on weekends.
1 reviews
No. 809, Hubin South Road 湖滨南路809号
Not really interesting for non-chinese speaking foreigners. the international choice of books is remarkable, but unfortunately for a better choice of source, the internet is much better.
0 reviews
Jimei School Village (No.185, Yinjiang Road, Jimei District, Xiamen) 厦门集美学村(厦门市集美区银江路185号)
1 reviews
262 Xingbei San Lu, Xinglin, Jimei, Xiamen 厦门市集美区杏林北三路262号
0592-6256581, 0592-6256583
The best option for a true international education in Xiamen. The school has great facilities, fully credentialed teachers, and an IB program for all grades. It also has an after school program tha...
10 reviews
422 Siming Nanlu, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区思明南路422号
Excellent place to visit, study, tour, walk around. I've been here almost 2 years and still love the environment. I agree with one of the comments - where else can you enjoy the sun, mountain, lake, b...
8 reviews
Garden Villa, No. 13 Huaxin Road 厦门华新路13号花园老别墅
very nice place for sit and relax

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