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3 reviews
3/F, International Plaza, No.8 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen China 361001 : 厦门市思明区鹭江道8号国际银行大厦3层
0592-213 1900
this is very nice place for you to get dental clinic, it very recommended for you.. thank for arrail dental clinic, you are the best reggards from
2 reviews
2202/22F, Imperial Plaza, #820 Xiahe Road
Before the other good dental clinics exists in Xiamen, this was one of the highly recommended dental clinics. I've been to this clinic about 7 years ago. Dr. Yao speaks English and he can explain clea...
11 reviews
At home treatments
Excellent service; Jade is thoughtful, professional and helpful. Acupuncture for improving health, and also acupressure for relaxation. Highly recommended. She comes to your home and has all materials...
1 reviews
Room0104 Xin Gang Plaza, No.16 Hubin North Road, Xiamen 湖滨北路16号(新港广场)0104室
+86 0592 5118550
good massage - in typical Chinese method, it was very deep massage, painful for days after! I tried the oil aromatherapy 90 minute massage and both liked and didn't like it. I have tried many Chinese ...
3 reviews
Xiamen International Exhibition and Conference areas 厦门会展中心附近
Yes, Yashir Khan from Pakistan. Ladies only. Can't you read and understand?
3 reviews
201 - 209 Hubin South Road, Xiamen 厦门市湖滨南路201 - 209号
Dirty, crowded, incompetent doctors, and a slap in the face to Sun Zhong Shan's memory. One time I had chest pains, and they had me walking up and down stairs all day for different tests. They also di...
5 reviews
Unit 106, No.15 Xidi Nan Li, Guomao Xin Long Cheng along Lujiang Dao 厦门市西堤南里15号106(鹭江道国贸信隆城)
I lost my dental filling of my lower back tooth which was made about 7 or 8 year ago in Europe. The filling was about the size of half a pepper corn, so really, really small. I had no pain or anything...
1 reviews
No.10 Zhenghai Road, Xiamen 厦门市镇海路10号
VIP floor: Did all my prenatal care there, my baby was born there...never had a single problem.
4 reviews
#336 Xiahe Road, Xiamen 厦门市厦禾路336号
My spanish friend got a dangerous infection inside his eyes last week. The doctor didnt treat him immediately but only gave him some eyes drop to put on his eyes and said to him to come back the day a...
11 reviews
No.123, Xiafei Road, Haicang District, Xiamen 厦门市海沧区霞飞路123号
very good hospital , also most of dr know English very well , it has very professional team in their hospital. you can request in their registration area for English service. they have many nurses to ...

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