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1 reviews
Xiamen TaiWanJie one of 294-3 厦门市台湾街294-3之一店面
I would use this company if I watched TV, i've seen it at Friend's houses and its good
4 reviews
Room 14A5,Longdu Hotel, No.878 Xiahe Road, Xiamen 门市思明区厦禾路878号龙都大酒店14A5室
have used their airport service 3 times now. always arrived at my door on time, if not a bit early. phoned me to let me know they were here. used them on return journeys as well - just call then when ...
0 reviews
1-2F, 182 Hexiang Donglu, Xiamen 厦门市禾祥东路182号1 - 2层
4 reviews
5/F,598 Jiahe Lu,Huli District,Xiamen 厦门市湖里区嘉禾路598号5楼
4008 -111- 111, 0592-5719015
Very good service and they are constantly improving their service. One day delivery is not nationwide available yet especially for smaller poor towns there is no fast delivery. But they plan to be abl...
1 reviews
901 9/F Grand Imperial Plaza (Dihao Mansion), No.820 Xiahe Road, Siming District 厦门思明区厦禾路820号,帝豪大厦901室
0592 5045000
Excellent service, wonderful people, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their work. I recommend them to anyone who needs help settling down, getting their work visas, or just knowing wher...

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