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0 reviews
Bushnell, Florida
0 reviews
1234k Avenue, 4th block,Newyork city
0 reviews
New York City, NY, USA
1 reviews
15 Dalutou,Zhenhaicang Jie,Xiamen 厦门市海沧区海沧镇海沧街大路头15号
I never use this bank. I use ICBC it has English Banking online
0 reviews
Xiamen International Bank Building,8-10 Lu Jiang Road?Xiamen 厦门市思明区鹭江道国际银行大厦
6 reviews
All around Xiamen
I actually just changed my bank from CITIC to CCB. The service is very good. After I registered, they installed an application where I can check my balance. Also, I can also opt to receive a text mess...

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