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0 reviews
Av. Santa Maria N0 2348, Arica
3 reviews
Ruijing California Plaza
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14 reviews
7 Jianye Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian
I was there a couple days ago and this place has really gone down hill... I quickly realized the only thing i was grabbing was a jar of Vlasic kosher baby dills and then it hit me, why not just grab t...
1 reviews
Hubinnanlu bainaohui 4 floor 4Y09
One of the worst dining experience I have had in a long time, everything taste awful. We had a lamb chop, lamb skewers, squid skewers and fried banana with ice cream. The pictures of the food in th...
1 reviews
District Xiang 'an, xindian mall 4 floor 翔安区新店汇景广场4楼
I was there yesterday for the opening, on paper looks great a massive Japanese theme restaurant that also have western style food and in xiangan district! Well it ain't so great. .. they didn't hav...
4 reviews
jinbanglu 82 hao 129
I love their choco lava cake really much. I love the hospitality and kindness of the owners. I love what they have in their menu which I love to try. I love how passionate they are with their ...
3 reviews
Robinson galleries, 1st floor
I like MOS a lot. I don't feel as nasty after eating it than Mcdonalds. Burger King is still #1 in my book for fast food though. If you want a real burger though, go to Dear Burger down in Sha Po ...
5 reviews
sm2, 2nd floor, b206
Great food with very important food menu with variety really enjoyed watch these restaurant.
1 reviews
jinbang road no 82 of 109
Like someone already suggested I will write a proper review. The place it is not very big but has a cool deco. the service was rather poor, it is one of this places where is a freaking mission to g...
0 reviews
siming, jiahe road, sm2 5th floor
568 1261
2 reviews
hubin beilu 243-20
confused review by gabrial
2 reviews
siming, gangland huayuan bian
nice coffee and cake
2 reviews
xiamen, siming district, hubin beilu no 229, hongyi Dasha yilou
very good quality sushi
4 reviews
o.123, Xiafei Road, Haicang District, Xiamen 厦门市海沧区霞飞路123号 B1 food court
robert whether its MOSS or MOS who care..we care for good burger
5 reviews
Store 34, Xiacheng Haijing Garden Building, #54, Minzu Rd.
0592 - 2655768
My husband and me, we went there last week for lunch. It's a litte bit pricy and we had big expectations because of the great reviews. The restaurant is nice and comfortable, service is good, dishes a...
3 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district
I disagree with yasir khan. I say it is good.
8 reviews
福建厦门思明区鹭江道18号新领荟广场1号(近星巴克) 福建厦门思明区鹭江道18号新领荟广场1号(近星巴克)
I like the location. I always stop by this branch whenever I come back after a long bike ride from huan dao lu. It would be nice if they could put a tall table outside for customers to just eat their ...
4 reviews
Xiamen amoy area 551 xian yue road baojia peak 121
agree with otto its branch not brunch hahaha.btw coffee is good
1 reviews
湖滨南路809号107单元(莲坂外图右侧豪享来隔壁) 湖滨南路809号107单元(莲坂外图右侧豪享来隔壁)
A hidden Jewel in Xiamen, I don't think many people know about this place but they have very good ice cream, might be better than haggen dazs for less than half the price, handmade and fresh.
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district no 10059
A good cheaper alternative to Starbucks, The caramel macchiato at 23 RMB and the hush brown 13rmb , no need to wait for it on a cue. I really like Starbucks but it's quite expensive, it's nice to se...
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, 5th floor no 4666 next to H&M
I went there with my wife and her parents, her father got a promotion online for a buffet there for only 50 RMB a person, but the food was terrible, looks cheap and taste cheap, maybe without the prom...
8 reviews
1F, Tongbao Building, No. 3 Changqing Road , Siming Area, Xiamen, China
I was there for dinner with some friends few days ago. This restaurant is very nice, service is great and food taste so good as always! Vive SHAM ! ;)
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district
5924676 5226631
From all the DIY bakery this is probably the best, they have a selection of imported tea, cookies and jams, a bit more expensive that other places but better, I didn't like much the DIY cookies but my...
4 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district no 1071-1072
Food is very tasty, I love the rice, mashed potatoes and meat. Deserts are also yummy! Very nice decoration! Located in Wanda mall, you can just stop by for an afternoon tea with friends after shoppin...
10 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district no 1064
I've been here 3-4 Times and It was all terrible.I can't believe the service.They keep bothering us when we are ready to order and disrupt us when a are ''Yumming'' as we eat.I can't believe I can eat...
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district no 1067
I finally found the time to go there with my wife and baby. They do have some very traditional Spanish food but very limited options in the menu, the bocata sandwich far from good, the prices are ve...
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district
Own by a local guy and Chef that use to work in 5 star hotel, with a limited menu but good prices. The boss speak English and very friendly
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district
This the place where you can enjoy western food while watching a show, nice deco, affordable, some of the staff speak English
1 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district
Very good price, adorable, I rather go to a place and pay a little more, but those are choices
1 reviews
551-127 xianyue Rd, siming district
As much as I love to have a tasty life near my in law house, I got to be honest with the review. They don't speak any English, they don't have the full range of products like the other brunches. S...
4 reviews
y-13 airport lounge 2 gaoji airport
It's hard to get good coffee in China, and Starbucks doesn't change this. But it's a nice place if you're looking for other than traditional coffee. I like the specials, such as the Tiramisu Coffee. ...
2 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle 5th floor
Best steak house in Xiamen. Its kind of pricy but its very very good!
1 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle 5th floor
They have wide selection of ingredients for hotpot. Price is quite okay for group dining because you can share the ingredients.
2 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle 5th floor
5039583 5225183
quality products but price is very high
1 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle c421
One of the coolest shop in sm2 with all the new gadgets and technology, I gave them 4 stars because lately they're not bringing new gadgets.
1 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle 5 floor topaz building
I love this place because it's really quite, while all the other restaurant in sm are incredible crowded you even need to wait outside to eat. This restaurant it's always have a seat. The price is ver...
1 reviews
jiahe road 399, inside Sm lifestyle, store c409
It's has a variety of baby products everything imported, and their own cloth design, maybe nicest cloths for new born.
6 reviews
xian yue ru lu Guo , huli district, chicken
This is the most classy mall I have ever been. Just like everyone said that it has a variety of restaurants you can choose from and very clean indeed. And shops that you wouldn't find in Xiamen malls...

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