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0 reviews
Office 1003, Damac XL Tower, Business Bay, Dubai UAE, Middle East
2 reviews
12/166 Napier Street Essendon, Melbourne Melbourne
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6 reviews
xiangyun 1st road , huli district, chicken
I used to like it better when the bus station was just a few steps away (used to be on the side of the parking area for taxis). Nevertheless, the airport is always kept cleaned and dining choices are...
1 reviews
jiahe road 238 , huatian garden building c, 719
Awesome show for kids and parents enjoy themselves too
3 reviews
3402 Block B, World Trade Mansion, Xiahe Road, Xiamen City.
They speak really good English. Very good service, reasonable pricing.
2 reviews
7/F, Hualong Building, 6 Hubindong Road, Xiamen 361004, P.R.C.
(86-592) 2388618
Over the years staying in this country I had to struggle through many legal situations. In the end I always got what I wanted but it cost a lot of time, headaches and effort. Therefore, I appreciate E...
6 reviews
#59, Hubin South Rd, Xiamen 湖滨南路59号
The place was built during a time people had no cars. Therefore, the parking lot is too small and getting a taxi is like playing poker. Lots of beggars around the place and smart asses trying to sell ...
11 reviews
No.15. Lujiangdao, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门思明区鹭江道15号
On Oct. 16h I just paid 8 yuan per person. I learned from today on (20 Oct) non-locals have to take the new ferry from Dong Du Lu ferry station and it will cost 50 yuan per person. This Lundu-Gulan...
5 reviews
Wenping Road to Heping Wharf 文屏路到和平码头
Nice park - different though. Very long and narrow.
7 reviews
Haicang Avenue 海沧大道
very peaceful and calm place
2 reviews
No.62, Jinshang Road, Siming District, Xiamen 思明区金尚路62号侧(近禹州花园)
I disagree. It is a place for walking and exercise but not perfect.
5 reviews
Bailuzhou Road, Siming District, Xiamen
I disagree. It does not look so great at night time. It is actually too dark to judge.
4 reviews
Huli District, Xiamen 厦门市湖里区环岛干道入口
very beautiful park..really liked it
5 reviews
along Xiamen BRT lines
The rush hours gives you a headache. Advice that I can give you: Don't bring too much and secure your bag always. Stand besides the door so you can easily get out. Choose always the last do...
1 reviews
No.32, Huatai Road, Huli District, Xiamen 厦门市湖里区华泰路32号
very beautiful park..really likes to spend sunday there
2 reviews
along Xiamen BRT lines
I disagree. I would say, the service is very good.
3 reviews
Gongyuan Nan Road 公园南路
I always go there before my early years here in Xiamen. And I do a lot of walking in Zhongshan Park.
1 reviews
No.493, Siming South road, Xiamen 思明南路493号
The museum has three exhibition halls: the Hall of History of Overseas Chinese; the Hall of Relics of Motherland's History; and the Hall of Nature.
3 reviews
No.95 Tiyu Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市体育路95号
Beautiful, spacious and quiet - last time I checked there was a good selection of English fiction (some quite recent).
7 reviews
along Xiamen BRT lines
i really like this line .the service is very Good.always travel to north on this line and its very convinient but always crowded but still its nice

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