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4 reviews
No.353,Zhongshan Road,Siming District,Xiamen 思明区中山路353号(近工人文化宫旧址)
0592-2032869 2135408
Really good ShaCha Mian too!
1 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle c421
One of the coolest shop in sm2 with all the new gadgets and technology, I gave them 4 stars because lately they're not bringing new gadgets.
4 reviews
Add: No.8, Jialianli, Lianhua Bei Rd., Xiamen, Fujian (Next to Philippine Consulate General)
Tel: 5524343
Their brewery if they even have one is not in their restaurant and their beer strongly tastes like copies of other more mainstream ones so I don't think they do their own beer but buy OEM beer and sel...
0 reviews
No. 532, Hubin Zhong Road 湖滨中路532号附近,国贸春天对面
5 reviews
No. 96, Taiwan Street, Huli District, Xiamen 湖里区台湾街96号(国联建材对面)
Used to be their fan, but following a series of tainted food reports…it's totally "eww" now
11 reviews
No.256 Zhongshan Road (near Carrefour) 思明区中山路256号中华城(近家乐福)
Considering it's busy commercial location, the fact that is affordable it's not bad, if you want better you'll probably need to pay more and get out of the tourist area.
5 reviews
No.518 Xinglong Road, Huli District, Xiamen (near KFC) 湖里区兴隆路518号大唐世家(近肯德基)
We regularly buy bread / cakes / pastries / iced coffees at the one located by Walmart / Carrefour near China City. Always good. No place to sit indoors, but outdoor seating area. mostly we take-away....
1 reviews
No.107 Hubin North Road, Siming District, Xiamen 湖滨北路25单元107号(港湾新城肯德基旁)
among my favorite restaurants! the place look clean enough, the food tasty and the serving generous. My favorite would be the fried milkfish and the Hakka fried pork.
0 reviews
Mingfa Commercial Plaza, No. 19, Lianqian Xi Road (opposite to Lianban BRT Station) 莲前西路19号明发商业广场(BRT出口)
0 reviews
4th Floor, Bldg. #10, Aide Air Industry Park, Gaoqi South 12th Road, Xiamen City 厦门市湖里区高崎南十二路艾德航空工业园十号楼四楼
11 reviews
At home treatments
Excellent service; Jade is thoughtful, professional and helpful. Acupuncture for improving health, and also acupressure for relaxation. Highly recommended. She comes to your home and has all materials...
1 reviews
Shop 101-102, No.929, Xiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen (adjacent to Wucun Long-distance Bus Station) 厦门市思明区厦禾路929号之101-102店面 (梧村汽车站一楼)
I have been there once last winter, the hot pot is not that "magic" and tastes so-so, but maybe I can have a try on other dishes
1 reviews
15 Dalutou,Zhenhaicang Jie,Xiamen 厦门市海沧区海沧镇海沧街大路头15号
I never use this bank. I use ICBC it has English Banking online
0 reviews
5 lianghua south road, dimming district
1 reviews
siming district, Mingfa plaza in front of bull fighter 莲坂明发商业广场西区99号 莲坂明发商业广场西区99号 (百安居前面, 斗牛士餐厅旁边, 归真堂隔蹙)
The owner is quite friendly and one of the few shops that sell me humsters even when I know where they end up, hehe. I also buy dog food and some toys for my dog from time to time. I disagree with t...
1 reviews
District Xiang 'an, xindian mall 4 floor 翔安区新店汇景广场4楼
I was there yesterday for the opening, on paper looks great a massive Japanese theme restaurant that also have western style food and in xiangan district! Well it ain't so great. .. they didn't hav...
1 reviews
湖滨南路809号107单元(莲坂外图右侧豪享来隔壁) 湖滨南路809号107单元(莲坂外图右侧豪享来隔壁)
A hidden Jewel in Xiamen, I don't think many people know about this place but they have very good ice cream, might be better than haggen dazs for less than half the price, handmade and fresh.
8 reviews
Shop 20, Guanren Road, Siming District 厦门市官任路临街店面20号
I've no experience with this bunch for travelling arrangements. My experiences however with their expat relocation "services" aren't good. Incompetent/clueless towards Xiamen services, in...
2 reviews
3/F, International Plaza, No.8 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen China 361001 : 厦门市思明区鹭江道8号国际银行大厦3层
0592-213 1900
I was there a few days ago, I was extremely pleased with my visit. It was clean, well lit, nice and friendly place with great staff. They reminded me of my appointment the day before, they sent me a f...
1 reviews
No.20, Honglian Rd, Cattle Park, near to California City Plaza 厦门市思明区瑞景商业广场对面牛庄文创园内洪莲路20号
like the is also nice
0 reviews
Huilong Building, No.8 Jiangtou Dong Road, Huli District 湖里区江头东路8号惠龙大厦
1 reviews
15, Yanwu Road, Daxue Cheng Bldg C. Siming District 思明区 演武路15号大学城C栋69号之7店
Ayi Jia restaurant is not lucky. First, they have another restaurant from the same branch 100m away (more hidden though), then they are located right next to another Korean restaurant...that has bette...
9 reviews
No.378, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Xiamen 厦门市环岛路曾厝安378号
I went there twice, first I hate the location, it's become impossible to go there and park The car. I usually don't review the location but this one is really bad. Everytime I go there my order take...
0 reviews
7 lianghua south road, siming district
5 reviews
43# Daxue Road,Siming District,Xiamen 厦门思明区大学路43号
Lulu 18965135043
Love this place, chill and cozy with an excellent selection of imported beers. This is a really great early evening spot for a few friends to kick back and enjoy a few bottles. The owners are cool a...
5 reviews
1b Unit, Yangming Building, No.16 Jianye Road, Siming District 思明区建业路16号阳明楼1b单元
One of my favorite Chinese restaurant, looks like western well decorated modern style with very affordable prices
23 reviews
15# Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区环岛路曾厝安15号
Tried it yesterday (16 May 2014) with family and loved it all - tried the lamb and chicken kebabs; Caesar salad; hummus and Lebanese bread; margarita; milkshake and the owner suggested we try her home...
1 reviews
Nanzhong Square, Siming West Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区中山路大中路口南中大地广场
I can only rate the breakfast here I had with a customer. It was more Chinese style and only little Western. I remember the milk was not fresh and the orange juice made by syrup.
3 reviews
21 Binhu East Road, Haicang, Xiamen
Bistro 21 is the first real western restaurant in Haicang area, the food is of a very good quality while the prices are still reasonable, the restaurant is not too big so if you want to go with a larg...

Brown Sugar Café 黑糖咖啡

10 reviews
#19 Ding'ao Zai 2/F, Siming District, Xiamen (Near XMU) 厦门市思明区顶澳仔19号 (厦大附近)
Very nice place, quite and affordable. I love the chicken pesto pasta there and I also recommend the banana and vanilla milkshake. It is very yummy! :)
3 reviews
No.3-1 Yundang Road,Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市癸官湖3号之1店
The food was ok, portions are very generous on size, service ok, great atmosphere, very relaxing for a Sunday lunch
2 reviews
15-2, Nanhua Road, Xiamen 厦门市南华路15之二
Although it's not too price-wise; It's a great, comfy place for all occasions. Trust me. The place feels like home. Best thing is - CATS CATS CATS EVEERYYWHEEEREEE (depends on you though)
7 reviews
No.213, Daxue Lu Road, Siming District, Xiamen(opposite to Medical College Xiamen University) 思明区大学路213号(厦大医学院对面)
it was good cafe
2 reviews
Ruijing California Plaza
I really like this place. Specifically, I love the fact that they roast their coffee in house, so I can always get exactly what I want there. Their imports are decent enough, but limited and baked g...
6 reviews
B1 Mingfa Commerce Plaza, West Lianqian Rd., Mingsi District, Xiamen and Jiahe Lu, Xiamen 厦门市思明区莲前西路与嘉禾路交汇处明发商业广场负一楼
very good shopping place for quality things and not so expensive .and i swear i been to this place lol
11 reviews
Jianye Bulding, No.28 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen 厦门市湖滨北路28号建业大厦之二附楼
Service is okay(have to ask every time for my water to be refilled which is annoying because I drink like a fish), but other than that the food is delicious and affordable. Only place I know of with m...
5 reviews
CHINA SPACE TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD. 6/F., Building A Shimao Mansiion, No. 92 Jiangguo Road, Chaoyang Dist. Beijing, 100022, China
Cebu Office: +63-32-230-8888
I would recommend this airline only for domestic flights in the Philippines but not for international flights. I was booking for a trip home which means XM-MNL then another flight to my hometown. ...
2 reviews
15, Yanwu Road, Daxue Cheng Bldg C. Siming District 思明区 演武路15号大学城C栋69号之7店
0592-8560219 2565217
standard korean food in price range, not perfect but has standard quality and easy to find place. Clean and comfortable. I will repeat from time to time while I am in Xiamen for sure
11 reviews
No.123, Xiafei Road, Haicang District, Xiamen 厦门市海沧区霞飞路123号
very good hospital , also most of dr know English very well , it has very professional team in their hospital. you can request in their registration area for English service. they have many nurses to ...
1 reviews
399 jiahe road, Sm lifestyle 5th floor
They have wide selection of ingredients for hotpot. Price is quite okay for group dining because you can share the ingredients.

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