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25 reviews
International Cruise Center Xiamen 2-0102, Dong Gang Lu 厦门市湖里区东港路2号之0102 (国际邮轮码头中心)
Probably the best place for a good steak in XM. The steak was excellent, and the service was as well. I go at least once a month or so to get my steak fix, well worth the prices and the trip to the ...
23 reviews
15# Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区环岛路曾厝安15号
Tried it yesterday (16 May 2014) with family and loved it all - tried the lamb and chicken kebabs; Caesar salad; hummus and Lebanese bread; margarita; milkshake and the owner suggested we try her home...
23 reviews
106 Hai Wan Xin Cheng, 27 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen (BinBei, between KFC & the Sports Cafe) 厦门市湖滨北路27号海湾新城106 (滨北中行肯德基后面)
Nice...this restaurant has been already closed for 2 years and still here as one of the most reviewed? are you guys sleeping for 2 years? LOL
22 reviews
No.69 Jiang Tou Bei Road, Kai Ming Theatre Complex, Xiamen 厦门市湖里区江头北路69号开明电影城楼下
I was there again two weeks ago with few friends who never been there. They really liked it. I hope this restaurant will always be in Xiamen cuz all the dishes taste so good!!!
18 reviews
R105, Guomeng Building, No.10, Jianye Road (beside Marco Polo hotel not far off Apple Travel) 建业路10号国盟大厦105号(马哥孛罗酒店旁边)
The most genuine imported store, ever. It's not perfect but the basic goods you need are here that you can't buy from other stores and groceries.
18 reviews
162, #7 Da Xue Lu
Best pizza around Xiada, especially since Helen's has lowered their standards (changed the chef or something, I don't know).
17 reviews
No. 62 Shapowei Daxue Road, 361005 Xiamen, Fujian 厦门思明区大学路沙坡尾62号
+86 180 3029 5861
I disagree with yasir khan. it is not just nice and amazing. it is xiamen's best bar.
16 reviews
9H, Zhenhao Building, Guomao Jinhaian, No.99 Lujiang Dao, Xiamen, 厦门思明鹭江道99号国贸金海岸真浩阁9H
As the sexiest man in Xiamen, I hereby designate this website as the sexiest website in Xiamen.
14 reviews
No.3 Storefront, Houhai Hall, Haiwan Park, Xiamen 福建省厦门市思明区湖滨西路109号海湾公园
Ok, I'm from Texas and most places that I've been to (especially in China) that claim to be TX eateries simply do not cut it. However, JJ was a really pleasant surprise when I first went there. The ...
14 reviews
No.8 Changhao Road, Huli District, Xiamen 厦门市湖里区长浩路8号
I go there often, and i always been happy about it. But yesterday i bought a spanish can of Olives with Anchovy filling, i thought i d treat myself to some tasty snack only to discover that the oil...
14 reviews
7 Jianye Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian
I was there a couple days ago and this place has really gone down hill... I quickly realized the only thing i was grabbing was a jar of Vlasic kosher baby dills and then it hit me, why not just grab t...
13 reviews
No. 889-899, Xiahe Road, opposite to the Railway Station 厦禾路889-899(火车站对面)
I like the restaurants and shops that they have there especially the Japanese all you can eat resto, Dim sum place, and of course Papa John's!
13 reviews
2 Longtou Lu ,Gulangyu Islet, Xiamen 厦门市鼓浪屿龙头路2号
0592 2069350, 2069365, 2571623
When I went there with my friend and his son, we all like it, I didn't see any animal cruelty to be honest, the dolphin didn't perform because he was sick, so the show was really short, let's not forg...
13 reviews
2F, RUBY, SM Lifestyle Centre, No.399, Jiahe Rd, Huili District, Xiamen 湖里区嘉禾路399号SM新生活广场红宝石2楼
A decent selection of imported wines. better value and wider selection than Walmart and Tasty life. when a trip to metro feels too far this is were I head to top up on wine. Recently bought some quite...
12 reviews
No. 399, Jiahe Road, Xiamen 厦门市嘉禾路399号
Uncrowded, but with generally expensive brands/stores, but with good choices. On the price side, exceptions are Starbucks/BK, which have the same (high) prices as in their other stores like in SM Cit...
12 reviews
Across from Xiada west gate In the Mall--next to Troy
I like their meat pizza
12 reviews
398-B12 Siming South Road, Xiamen (off the street from Xiamen University of Technology) 厦门市思明区思明南路398号B12 (厦大理工学院边小巷)
I have eaten there a few times. Somethings were great but once it was not so good (Chicken in the tacos or burrito or whatever i got was the driest thing I have ever tired to eat in my life) but maybe...
12 reviews
YanWu Lu 15-69 演武路
This place was pretty good. The pastrami sandwich was on point, and the coffee was good as well. Decent prices, and a comfy atmosphere make this spot worth checking out.
11 reviews
NO.132 Daxue Road(Shapowei), Siming District, Xiamen.
I had some good food there, in a comfortable atmosphere.
11 reviews
No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao) 厦门思明区禾祥西二路9号(鹭江道新海关大楼对面)
Very nice lunch on a Saturday. Lunch special is only Monday to Friday, but a la carte was very tasty and not expensive. I liked the ambience, nice place settings, and mostly French menu. small but del...
11 reviews
Jianye Bulding, No.28 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen 厦门市湖滨北路28号建业大厦之二附楼
Service is okay(have to ask every time for my water to be refilled which is annoying because I drink like a fish), but other than that the food is delicious and affordable. Only place I know of with m...
11 reviews
No.123, Xiafei Road, Haicang District, Xiamen 厦门市海沧区霞飞路123号
very good hospital , also most of dr know English very well , it has very professional team in their hospital. you can request in their registration area for English service. they have many nurses to ...
11 reviews
At home treatments
Excellent service; Jade is thoughtful, professional and helpful. Acupuncture for improving health, and also acupressure for relaxation. Highly recommended. She comes to your home and has all materials...
11 reviews
No.15. Lujiangdao, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门思明区鹭江道15号
On Oct. 16h I just paid 8 yuan per person. I learned from today on (20 Oct) non-locals have to take the new ferry from Dong Du Lu ferry station and it will cost 50 yuan per person. This Lundu-Gulan...
11 reviews
No.256 Zhongshan Road (near Carrefour) 思明区中山路256号中华城(近家乐福)
Considering it's busy commercial location, the fact that is affordable it's not bad, if you want better you'll probably need to pay more and get out of the tourist area.
11 reviews
3rd floor of Fu Wan Bang Building, Xiamen University west Gate, Xiamen 思明区演武路4号富万邦美食广场3楼
i wish it open again .like their food
10 reviews
2# Haiwan Park Dongdu Siming District Xiamen 厦门市思明区东渡海湾公园2#
0592 2220313 - 2220331
I usually try to write pretty decent reviews of the places that I go to, and I keep in mind that we live in China and some things are never going to be up to the standard that I'm used to in my home c...
10 reviews
Daxue Lu 15, Shapowei
Delicious, great service, affordable prices, and great selection of beer. Only complaint is I have to walk too far to go there(otherwise I would safely weight 200 kg)
10 reviews
#19 Ding'ao Zai 2/F, Siming District, Xiamen (Near XMU) 厦门市思明区顶澳仔19号 (厦大附近)
Very nice place, quite and affordable. I love the chicken pesto pasta there and I also recommend the banana and vanilla milkshake. It is very yummy! :)
10 reviews
Wanda Plaza, golden street, siming district no 1064
I've been here 3-4 Times and It was all terrible.I can't believe the service.They keep bothering us when we are ready to order and disrupt us when a are ''Yumming'' as we eat.I can't believe I can eat...
10 reviews
422 Siming Nanlu, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区思明南路422号
Excellent place to visit, study, tour, walk around. I've been here almost 2 years and still love the environment. I agree with one of the comments - where else can you enjoy the sun, mountain, lake, b...
10 reviews
102-2 Haiwai Xincheng, 27 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen, 361012
+86 592 510 8682
Firstly, let me say i want to like this place. It's near my home, I walk past its empty tables every day, and I want to give them my business. I've given them a chance twice, and twice I've been di...
10 reviews
Siming south street (near Bowuguan) 厦门市思明区思明南路(近博物馆)
Love the mac and cheese, the staff, the pizzas, and their specials. Been going there a long time, so the staff knows me pretty well. My go-to place for drinking.
9 reviews
Haiwan Park, Xiamen
Very bad service!! At 7 pm went there and ordered a burger..they were not busy. They brought out food orders for others....but not mine. I asked 4 times about my order....."yes, its coming soo...
9 reviews
No.378, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Xiamen 厦门市环岛路曾厝安378号
I went there twice, first I hate the location, it's become impossible to go there and park The car. I usually don't review the location but this one is really bad. Everytime I go there my order take...
9 reviews
110-2 shop, No.25 Shijihaiwan Building, Hubin Bei Road 湖滨北路世纪海湾25号110-2店面
I often take a cup of their coffee to my class at Mandarin Fun in Binbei when I used to study Chinese language. Price is reasonable, staff are friendly as well. Would love to drop by again if I go to ...
9 reviews
3rd floor, S3-17A, No. 885, Xiahe Road, Siming District, Robinsons Galleria, Xiamen 思明区厦禾路885号罗宾森购物广场3楼S3-17A号(近火车站)
@ W00kie33 So you are rating this restaurant based on your time in Taipei? That's not really fair but wtf, let's enjoy 25 points!
9 reviews
Hubin Bei Road, behind KFC
0592 5367739
There is a strong "alcoholics bar" vibe to this place. It's mostly middle aged men sitting alone, drinking their beer off a beermat with their name on it. The ratio of men to women is hi...
9 reviews
Jian Ye Street 1-16 (directly in front of Marco Polo Hotel) 思明区滨北建业路吉祥家园1-16号
This place was pretty good for the location and the price. We went a little while back and had two different pastas and a bottle of wine, nothing was disappointing and the staff was courteous and hel...
9 reviews
21F, No.7, Jianye Road, Siming District, Xiamen 厦门市思明区建业路7号2106单元
Overall it's a good gym. I'll list the good and bad below. GOOD Clean (the cleanest gym I've been to by far) Good selection of weights Pretty good machine selection Large and uncrowded BAD ...

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