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Fr. Portugal
Topic: Looking for a small house/room to rent near Xiang'an campus

My name is Rute Paulino and I'm from Portugal, Europe.
I will be studying at Xiamen University, more precisely at Xiang'an Campus.
So, I'm looking for a place to rent near the campus.
It can be a room with it's own bathroom at a shared house or a small apartment with one room, one bathroom and small kitchen with the basic furniture.
I'm looking for a not too expensive place, since i'm a student.

Since my chinese is really basic it's impossible for me to look at websites like

So if anyone knows any other way to find a place to live please let me know.

Thanks all
01 Aug 2017
Fr. India
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My name is sahil.I am from India.
Just been to Xiamen. Live in two room apartment fully furnished
If you want to live,you can text me .
we chat id : sahilj111
18 Aug 2017
Fr. Pakistan
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05 Jan 2018

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