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Fr. Sweden
Topic: Haicang new apartment 2480 rmb/month, 2 floors, 80 sqm
2 story apartment built 2017 for rent in Haicang.
50 meters away from Da Ping Shan park.

I'm moving back to Europe and need to find a tenant in order to get the deposit back.

Fully furnished with queen-size bed and an additional bed in the guestroom.
Bedrooms and living room have their own air-conditioning.
42inch Flat screen TV
Refrigerator with freezer.
Washing machine.
Small balcony (not so big, use it for drying clothes)
Furniture: Sofa, kitchen table with chairs, writing desk.

Layout is 2 stories and the total area is 80 sqm.
Apartment on the sixth floor in a very tidy gated community.

Cost 2480 rmb/month

Tel: 136 9501 1472
Wechat: JoppeSweden

20 Aug 2017
Fr. Pakistan
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05 Jan 2018

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