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V58 Restaurant and Music lounge V58美食餐厅

As time passes, more and more quality foreign restaurants are popping up in Xiamen. One missing ingredient from the increasingly delectable smorgasbord, however, has been a Filipino restaurant. Given how many expats there are from the Philippines in Xiamen and what a great contribution they make to the expat community, this is perhaps a little surprising. The recent opening of V58 in the Marco Polo area rectifies this, and I recently had the opportunity to visit the restaurant to sample first-hand what was on offer.

The Marco Polo location is not a surprise. Almost every expat who’s lived in Xiamen for more than a few weeks is likely familiar with the affluent, central and pleasant area. Something of an enclave for foreigners in Xiamen, the neighbourhood is home to a great number of foreign restaurants, bars, shops and other amenities. V58 is therefore in good company.

Long before I visited V58, or even knew anything about it, I had resolved to go there based purely on a desire to lounge about on what looked like it had to be the most comfortable sofa in Xiamen! Sofa or no sofa, when I finally did visit it was clear from the moment I walked through the door that the restaurant has been designed and decorated very nicely indeed. With rustic tiles on the floor, a wooden-beam roof and gentle watercolours on the wall, the cleanly-designed restaurant is assuredly classy. The restaurant also boasts a well-stocked bar. But the real charm of the place isn’t its classiness, and even if it were there are a dozen other similarly classy venues within a stone’s throw, but in how it simultaneously manages to cultivate a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. This combination isn’t something that too many places in Xiamen have managed to achieve. In fact, I find the majority of upscale restaurants in Xiamen to be anything but welcoming or relaxing. The aforementioned sofa and the one corner of the restaurant set aside for a small stage complete with instruments for a full band in front of a large projector screen are perhaps a couple of reasons for this.

The service is definitely another. As you would hope in a restaurant offering the cuisine of one of the most famously warm and hospitable countries in the world, service is with a smile (and not one that’s obviously being forced). A genuine excitement and passion for both the cuisine and guests’ experiences is also clearly evident. There was palpable astonishment after my revelation that I hadn’t tried a number of the Filipino specialities on the menu, and descriptions of the food were delivered as if an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend, not the more normal auto-pilot dreariness of an entirely uninterested waitress. A question post-meal about one of the dishes was met with an offer to summon the Filipino chef from the kitchen to explain in detail the recipe so I could try to cook it for myself at home. Not many restaurants offer to teach their customers how to cook their dishes! On declining this free cookery class, I was told not to worry since they offer a delivery service and could bring the food directly to me at home! So, yes, food really is a passion for those working at V58.

However, they have other things to offer, one of which is that their stage is home seven nights a week to a Filipino band from 7-9PM. Not just any Filipino band, mind you, but the famous in-house band from Haiwan Park’s The Key club, who are very popular in Xiamen. One other thing to mention is the brewed coffee, which was awesome. As is the fact that a special deal for unlimited refills from 10AM to 7PM is available, as the manager gleefully informed me, for just 30 RMB! Given 30RMB is close to what you can end up paying for a single cup of coffee in Xiamen these days, the huge sofa and a projector you can use if no one else is, and the place seems hard to beat as a daytime hangout.

So how about the food? Well the first thing to mention is that the menu is huge! The majority of the food is Filipino, unsurprisingly, but there are also sprinklings of other cuisines, and sandwiches and pasta dishes for those who crave something western. Of course, I was keen to try the Filipino offerings and while I’m no expert in the cuisine what was produced was very delicious and obviously cooked by a skilled and practiced chef. The first dish was the Pork Sinigang, an intriguing and incredibly sour pork broth with a taste not quite like anything I’ve tried before. The Chicken Adobo that came next was similarly new, a whole marinated chicken with potato and vegetables and tender meat with a strong, distinctive flavour. La pièce de résistance was the Crispy Pata, a generously sized pork dish which combined delicious crispy skin, to be dipped in a vinegary sauce, with unbelievably tender meat inside. Delicious, for sure, but no doubt incredibly fattening! To add a bit of balance, we also ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara, a dish I am more comfortable judging with a little bit of authority. It, too, was delicious and as good as any I’ve had anywhere.

In summary, V58 is a fantastic new addition to the Marco Polo area and Xiamen in general, offering a whole new cuisine for locals and expats to get stuck into. The daily live band is definitely a draw and the food, at least to this somewhat inexperienced palate, is delicious. The restaurant’s service and décor combine to create a winning combination of classy and capable, yet simultaneously welcoming and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to visit the restaurant again to try some more of their fantastic Filipino fare, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone feeling like something different to do the same.

*Beer buy one get one free from 5:00pm till 8:30pm

*WOX Buddy Card holders can enjoy 10% off discount at V58 Restaurant.

Reservation phone: 0592-5118957
Address: 104, No.27, Hubinbei Road, behind KFC

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