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Fr. Christmas Island
Topic: Requirements to set-up a foreingn-owned enterprise

What are the requirements to set-up a foreingn-owned enterprise in Xiamen?


08 Sep 2010
Fr. China
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The requirements are as follows:

1). The name or designation, the residence and the place of registration
of the foreign investor, and the name, nationality, and position of the
legal representative;

2). The name and residence of the foreign-owned enterprise;

3). The scope of business, types of product and scale of production;

4). The total amount of investment, the registered capital, the source of
funds, and the method of investment contribution and the operation period;

5). The organizational chart, and the legal representative of the foreign-
owned enterprise;

6). The primary production equipment to be used and the degree of
complexity of the production technology, technological level and its
country of origin;

7). The targeted customers and its markets for your products. Identify
your sales channels and approaches

8). Identify the type of foreign exchange used and the mode of payment.

9). Provide information relating to the setup of your business
organization in terms of staffing level, organization charts, managing of
08 Sep 2010
Fr. China
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10). Provide information regarding to the site used for your business in
terms of usage and space required.

11). Provide information of any special requirements for the building and
construction of the identified site; any special requirements for
production processes and how the company would take necessary steps to
ensure compliance by the relevant authority.

12).Provide a schedule of the total implementation for the completion of
the building & construction of the identified site for future site
compliance audit & approval by the relevant authority.

13).Provide a projected schedule for actual production run of your
08 Sep 2010

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