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Fr. China
Topic: Who wants to invest this resort project?
The resort project located in Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park in Haicang district of Xiamen which covering 20 acres, there are 10 huts, each of them occupy about 25 square meter, well-equipped, including the whole KTV system. This is the main entrance into the hall and reception The hall links a block of space, you can do catering stalls This is a corridor of open space attached to both sides of the distribution of these 10 huts Inside of huts Epitaxial of huts have lots of open space can be used to do barbecue, or planting vegetables, breeding poultry. U dunt need to worry about the parking
14 Aug 2014
Fr. Holy See (City Vatican State)
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Sounds good. I would love to send you all my monies. Please give bank akount # i can send all my monies too.

I want to breed with chickens. Much fun. I am happyness dunt need worry parking. Parking much trouble.
14 Aug 2014

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