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Fr. China
Topic: Make international call cheaper
Hi everyone ! How you guys make international calls ? Does anybody know a good way ? I mean cheap but convenient. Skype is cheap, but inconvenient There are some calling cards also ,17909,17968 ... ,but i really don't like them ,sometimes my cellphone's credit run out before my calling card credit , because of so called "local fee " Thanks for any information Regards
26 Oct 2009
Fr. Brazil
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i only use skype, so no advice available here. When i need to call home, i use skype credits
or call them by hp n ask them to call me back, since they have a fix line which ends up
cheaper than my hp bill. Hope u can find a way that fits u.
26 Oct 2009
Fr. India
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go ahead with
26 Oct 2009
Fr. China
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I have many solutions for making international calls ,cellphone or
landline ,cheap price with high quality, very convenient ,any one interested
in this can contact allen
28 Oct 2009
Fr. Germany
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dial 12593 before the international number
30 Oct 2009
Fr. France
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Skype, it doesnt get any cheaper than
that ...
09 Nov 2009

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