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Fr. United States
Topic: Public Notary for expats, any experience?
hello everybody out there. i need help with getting some certificates notarized. do any of you have experience with this in xiamen? where to go? what is the procedure? etc. thanks.
19 Nov 2009
Fr. Philippines
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what is that document? if this document comes from your country then go to
your own embassy to notarize it.
19 Nov 2009
Fr. United States
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yes it is from my country, but there are always public notary offices. thr
shd be few in xiamen...
19 Nov 2009
Fr. Germany
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I had tons of documents I had to get
legalized and notarized to get a German
passport for my son who was born here.
Had to get something in Beijing,
something in Guangzhou, something in
Xiamen, somethjing in Fuzhou, and in

You need a Chinese person to find out
all the details for you!
19 Nov 2009
Fr. Brazil
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Weird... for me it was quite an "easy" task... I had to go to a notary public (to get it
translated) n then to the ministry of foreign affairs (to get it certified). The docs were issued
here in Xiamen, but since we were in beijing, they did it over there for us.

Notary Public in chinese is 公证处 (Gong Zhen ?) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 外交部
领事司认证处 (Wai Jiao Bu something). But I believe this is to "convert" chinese documents
to foreign documents. For the opposite, I believe u need to send the document back to your
Embassy or Consulate to get them translated n certified. U call ur Embassy for that info.
20 Nov 2009
Fr. Brazil
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sorry i forgot to mention that after i had to take the Embassy to get them to certify the doc
as well...
20 Nov 2009

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