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Fr. Canada
Topic: from shenzhen airport to xiamen
I will be arriving in shenzhen airport on august 9th at 10:30pm and I'm trying to find the easiest way to get home by bus but i'm having trouble finding any recent information. Is there any bus from shenzhen airport to Xiamen? Can I sleep in shenzhen airport or is there a budget hotel near by?
05 Aug 2010
Fr. United States
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There are many buses all day between XM and Shenzhen. The cost is usually under 200 RMB, and it is a 7.5-10 hour bus ride depending on what bus you can take. No need to overnight in shenzhen, as if you take a night bus, most of them come equipped with beds instead of chairs. The only issue is if you are taller, or have a slightly muscular build, they might be a little small for you.
05 Aug 2010
Fr. China
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Hi,maybe i can help you find a budget hotel,you can call 13235002873, My
friend has a budget hotel near the airport
05 Aug 2010
Fr. Germany
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Try to get the VIP Business Bus. Bigger seats. And be careful with anything you take on the bus. There are many thiefs that will try to steal your stuff when you fall asleep.
06 Aug 2010

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