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Fr. United States
Topic: Do Americans need to get a visa before traveling to China?
Can an American just travel to China without needing to apply for a visa or anything first? Or must I apply for one first? Any idea how much it might cost? Thanks for any help!
27 Jul 2010
Fr. Germany
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You need to apply for a Visa first!
27 Jul 2010
Fr. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Isl
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Most definitely do! All countries do, as far as I know..
27 Jul 2010
Fr. China
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Yes, because the principle is reciprocity. If Chinese to go to America need a visa -and they do- then the Americans need a visa too. In your case, if you are traveling for leisure, you need to apply for a F visa.
28 Jul 2010
Fr. New Zealand
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I'm pretty sure anyone trying to get into China needs a visa.
24 May 2013
Fr. China
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25 Nov 2013

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