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  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 Who want make business with Germany?Siswoyo3056702 Mar 14 
 Xiamen, Mastermali2969626 Oct 09 
 Where to purchase outsole in Fujian provinceKukala3137602 Apr 14 
 make money do bussines its china buddykakaji2977630 Jun 14 
 Make international call cheaper tong2972526 Oct 09 
 OptometristPriscillaCrider2895511 Nov 09 
 Public Notary for expats, any experience?coolxmexpat3085519 Nov 09 
 Do Americans need to get a visa before trav...Spixe3285527 Jul 10 
 Internet banking (for BOC and ICBC) in Engl...baasbabelaas3276408 Aug 10 
 English newspaperannay2890312 Oct 09 
 For those use dry cleaning service ONLY.judycwh2887317 Nov 09 
 from shenzhen airport to xiamensilk1862886305 Aug 10 
 Any Legitimate Humanitarian Projects Around?callie2766209 Oct 09 
 Relocation serviceslifeline782866220 Oct 09 
 Got a stock of soccer shoes, 19RMB/paircrazybug3184222 Oct 09 
 Expat Clubspeaches3331205 Nov 09 
 T-shirt printingsmithpaul901137218 Nov 09 
 Publishing company in xiamenkafkaesque3226206 Dec 09 
 What about LemonIDD for international call?Elizabeth1214207 Dec 09 
 where to get taiwan visalalarum900213 Aug 10 
 Where can I rent a car?happytraveller1030204 Aug 10 
 Obtaining a official inviteFrankie1043227 Aug 10 
 E-Tong Cardsmpang1537202 Sep 10 
 Requirements to set-up a foreingn-owned ent...Parisdream3599208 Sep 10 
 What type of business should be good to inv...Peterxiamen3608225 Sep 10 
 Company registration in XiamenALXD53210201 Jun 14 
 Travel Agentivanpersie2880225 Jul 14 
 Candies cookies and cake decorationsobanna11847205 Mar 15 
 China credit cards Spoonfork877109 Oct 09 
 One Heart Charity?callie1386113 Oct 09 
 New cellphone - where?baasbabelaas937121 Oct 09 
 Chinese green cardrecep3001130 Oct 09 
 Sea TransportAussie8888899106 Dec 09 
 Day trips from Xiamenlaowai3124109 Dec 09 
 paintsaluda912102 Aug 10 
 health and medical insurancesesa902130 Jul 10 
 Anyone opened a WOFE?happytraveller936129 Aug 10 
 New to Xiamen and would love some advicekoolkev881113129 Aug 10 
 Availability of professional and technical ...Peterxiamen941107 Sep 10 
 Key areas for considerations for SMExminvestor1060107 Sep 10 
 Leverage on the free trade agreementGogogo1021107 Sep 10 
 Protection of Intellectual PropertyWiseman1224107 Sep 10 
 Mind-set change of staff in a companyLonelycloud1358107 Sep 10 
 Conduct business during an epidemic such as...Farfly1175107 Sep 10 
 English documentation in registeration of c...Parisdream1292108 Sep 10 

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