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New taste at Pier 9 as year 2013 begins


Valid period:

Business hours:

Inquires & reservations: 0592-2287299

English address: No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao)

Chinese address: 
Business Lunch Ferry 48 RMB Business Lunch (6 options) The 6 options: Pan seared chicken leg with mushroom sauce + rice; Braised beef in red wine sauce + rice; Hungarian pork stew + rice; Spaghetti with salmon steak + rice; Spaghetti with bacon and mushroom sauce or Spaghetti with steam clam and garlic Ferry 98 RMB Business Lunch Green salad + Pan seared fillet of sole with sea urchin sauce Ferry 118 RMB Business Lunch Green salad + Minute Steak All the business lunches are served with daily soup, bread, home-made butter and drinks including coffee and tea. Spend extra RMB 29 to get additional salad or soup, or RMB 19 to have an extra dessert. Date: 11:30-14:00 (except weekends)