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Valid period:

Business hours:

Inquires & reservations: (0592)2295780/ 2295713;18650045062/17750660905

English address: Room 303, 98 Qiancunpu Str., Siming District, Xiamen City (In the vicinity of the Exhibition Centre)

Chinese address: 厦门市思明区前村埔路98号303室

In purpose of more favourable cooperation we make a good offer on our services!

1.7% Discount and Free invitation letter for Chinese business visa, when ordering whole complex of services, The complete procedure of opening a Chinese Company and Getting the residence permit in China with the right to work!

2.10% discount on preparation of the documents for an employment visa!

3.10% discount for each additional person on Chinese work (Z) visa in HK!

4.10% discount for each additional person on Chinese residence permit!

5.Translation of the all necessary documents from English into Chinese for free while ordering one of our services!