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This is the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) section of WOX where online customers can see special promotions/clearances ads. The ad can be filled with lots of product images and prices with locations and then pinpointed in WOX Map. Customers can use WOX Maps either on ... more
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Special offers on Wednesdays at Gu Bar

On Wednesday nights, come and join a wonderful role-exchange "Chinese&
Contact: ,  18650123665   Posted On 20 Mar 2013   Total Views 2640

Great specials at TOSEA Cocktail Bar on Mar 11-17

TOSEA (Tastes of South East Asia) welcomes in the Year of the Snake with the opening of the TOSEA Cocktail Bar!! With ov
Contact: ,  0592-5143227   Posted On 14 Mar 2013   Total Views 713

30% discount for WOX Buddy Card holders at Marble Steak House

With the WOX buddy card, you can enjoy special discount on the menu items at Marble Steak House, including lunch and din
Contact: ,  0592-5078888-77   Posted On 19 Mar 2013   Total Views 1397

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