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Treat your body and soul this autumn at Langham Place Xiamen

The days are getting noticeably shorter and the weather is gradually cooling down, which means autumn has finally arrived in Xiamen. Due to the drier climate in autumn, people’s skin may sometimes suffer from dryness. Langham Place Xiamen has launched a special autumn facial treatment at a new discount price to help you replenish your skin and protect it from the dry climate. The facial treatment is available from now until February 28th at CHUAN BODY+ SOUL. Nourishing dishes are also offered at Langham Place Xiamen’s Ming Court throughout the autumn season. Autumn

Ming Court has lavished its dim sum menu with 50 new delicacies

  Cantonese dim sum is loved by foodies around the world. From production to serving, an exquisite dim sum dish benefits from the strict selection of ingredients and the skilled craft of the chef. If you are looking for a cost-effective and elegant environment for enjoying Hong Kong-style buffet tea in Xiamen, you should definitely try the Chinese restaurant in Langham Place Xiamen: Ming Court. Ming Court is the sister restaurant to the Michelin-star-rated restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai.     Following the fine tradition of its sister restaurant in

A variety ways of eating miniata grouper at Langham Place Xiamen

In the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific area lives a species of beautiful, colorful fish called the miniata grouper. The fish's color is a mottled orange-red to scarlet with myriad small, closely spaced, light-blue polka dots all over its body and fins. Miniata grouper, whose scientific name is cephalopholis miniata, is also known as coral hind, miniatus grouper, coral or blue-spot rockcod, vermilion seabass, and coral grouper. The miniata grouper is a medium-sized fish and can reach a maximum size of 50 centimetres in length. Its meat contains 20 kinds of microelements and