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Xiamen sees surge in job hopping after Spring Festival

Xiamen is experiencing its first job hopping surge after Spring Festival, according to report released by Zhaopin.com, a leading career platform in China.    The report said 7.5% of white-collar workers in Xiamen have begun handing in their resignation and employment procedures, and 49.1% of them have begun actively seeking new jobs. Only 11.3% of the white-collar workers showed they are happy with their current job or temporarily don’t want to change jobs.    Of all the reasons for job hopping of white-collar workers, salary took the lead in

Xiamen 2nd popular domestic tourist destination during 2015 CNY holiday

Xiamen ranked 2nd among the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in China during the 2015 Spring Festival holiday     According to a ranking published by the China Tourism Academy and China’s biggest online travel agency, Ctrip.com, Xiamen ranked 2nd among the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in China during the 2015 Spring Festival holiday.   Meanwhile, Xiamen topped the list of most popular tourist destinations for individual tourists during the 2015 Spring Festival holiday.        Xiamen’s

Xiamen sees large passenger flow of returning people after CNY

    As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, Xiamen began to see large passenger flows of returning people from February 23.   2 types of passengers, including tourists leaving Xiamen and local residents coming back to Xiamen from other cities, formed the entire passenger flow peak. With the subsequent student flow and migrant flow, Xiamen’s passenger flow peak is expected to last until early March.   On February 23, the throughput of passengers reached nearly 70,000 people at the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, and is

Spring Festival celebrated in scenic spots of Tong'an District

     With the development of Tong'an District and the improvement of transportation to the area, travel to Tong'an has become increasingly popular. During the Spring Festival, many different celebrations were held in scenic spots in Xiamen's Tong'an district.  A stunning dance of the Miao nationality was staged in Tong'an Movie and TV City on the first day of the Spring Festival holiday. Exciting cock fighting games were also held in Beichen Mountain Theater. In addition, tourists were also allowed to go hunting in the Jinguang Lake area. How to

Xiamen's Haicang District to stage festive Chinese New Year carnival

A series of festive activities were arranged in Haicang District for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, which will last from February 18th to 24th this year.    1. Lantern show       Where: Haicang Culture Center Square (海沧文化中心广场) When: February 16th to March 9th (18:30-22:00 daily) 18 sets of lanterns were placed at the square to light up the night sky of Haicang District. 2. “Three Goats” blessings at Haicang Safari Park         Where: Haicang Safari

Spring Festival boosts red-hot sales of red accessories in Xiamen

  The color red is the theme color for various festive celebrations in China, especially for wedding occasions and festivals.    As Spring Festival is approaching, accessory markets in Xiamen have seen a business boom in lovely red accessories including red lanterns, red sheep and red Chinese knots.   Ms. Wang, a customer who was doing annual Spring Festival shopping in a store in Xiamen said almost every store in the city has been turned into a red sea of lovely accessories and that she couldn’t help buying more than she planned.

Xiamen car wash stores charge double during Spring Festival

    As the 2015 Spring Festival nears, most of Xiamen’s car wash stores have raised their prices by double during the holiday to earn more money. According to reports, the cost for a regular car wash has reached RMB 50 in the Xiamen, and the maximum charge is expected be as high as RMB 100, which is expected to happen on the eve of Spring Festival, while the fee is only RMB 25 during regular times. The charge for an internal cleaning has reached RMB 300, but is only RMB 200 during regular times. According to an insider, the price hikes will last until the 8th day of January

Scenic spots in Jimei gear up for upcoming Spring Festival holiday

  Yuanboyuan (Expo) Garden in Jimei, Xiamen     To celebrate the Chinese New Year and enrich the public's New Year celebrations, the Jimei District Government is launching a series of interesting promotional activities in scenic spots in the district. You can appreciate the flowers at the Yuanboyuan (Expo) Garden, go rock climbing in Double Dragon Pool Scenic Spot, watch the South Fujian Opera in Fengquan Square or watch the acrobatics show at the Xiamen Ling Ling International Circus, etc. Apart from this, there are some other small and interactive

Odd-even rule to be implemented on 9 roads in Xiamen Feb 19th-22nd

    To ensure road safety and alleviate traffic congestion during the Spring Festival holiday, the Xiamen Traffic Police Detachment will impose an odd-and-even license plate rule on 9 roads in the city from 19th to 22nd October. The 9 roads are: Lujiang Avenue (the section between Xiahe Road and Zhenhai Road), South Huandao Road (the section between Zhenhai Road and West Zeng Cuo An Road), Yanwu Road, Huyuan Road (the section between Wenyuan Road and Zhonggushan Tunnel), Chenggong Avenue (the section between South Siming Road and Yanwu Interchange), Huandao Road

Merchants to be punished for arbitrary price hikes during Spring Festival

As the 2015 Spring Festival nears, some of Xiamen’s merchants are planning to raise their prices during the holiday to earn more money.   Xiamen’s pet boarding merchants raised their prices some time ago, and the maximum charge for pet boarding will be as high as RMB 800 per day during the Spring Festival, while the fee is only RMB 50-100 per day during regular times. Some merchants of other industries, most of which are from third tier industries such as car washes, hair salons, and pet-grooming businesses, also intend to raise their prices during the Spring

Train tickets for Spring Festival travel spree in short supply in Xiamen

The 2015 chunyun starts from Feb 4 and ends on March 16.     Train tickets for 9th-11st February are now in short supply, according to Xiamen railway authorities. Statistics have revealed that tickets for ordinary passenger trains bound for cities like Beijing, Kunming, Taiyuan and Guiyang have already sold out. Seat tickets of trains from Xiamen to Xi'an and Changchun have also been out, but there are still some standing tickets left. Now there are no soft and hard sleeper tickets on trains to Wuyi Mountain, but hard seat tickets are still available. However,

Courier delivery rates in Xiamen to go up during CNY holiday

Many express companies will stop or even go out of business during the Spring Festival holiday (Feb. 18th - 24th).     As the Chinese Lunar New Year (starts on February 19th this year) draws near, the domestic express industry has ushered in its Spring Festival peak. But a survey revealed that many express companies will stop or even go out of business during the Spring Festival. "My store will stop sending goods to most regions in the country 10 days before Spring Festival," a seller on Taobao, China's largest online retail site, said. Quite a few online

Top 15 temples for Spring Festival prayers in Xiamen

Spring Festival is almost here! Chinese New Year, or Chinese Spring Festival, holds the most significant position of all Chinese festivals and holidays. The Chinese New Year is accompanied by a hope for good fortune, so celebrators often head to temples to pray for good luck during the New Year celebration. According to tradition, burning incense and offering prayers in a temple at this time of year will bring you good luck for the whole year. So, whether you believe this or not, why not take a culturally exhilarating temple tour with your family over the holidays? Perhaps it will make