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Review of 2014 Gulangyu Cup Int'l Tournament - In video

The 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Tournament saw 14 teams, consisting of mostly expats, from Xiamen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming participate in the day’s matches on 21st June 2014                            The 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Tournament was held in the People’s Stadium of the island on Saturday, 21st June 2014. Formerly known as 'Amoy Cup', the 7-a-side football

How to get to Gulangyu for 'Gulangyu Cup' Football Tournament

Formerly known as 'Amoy Cup', the 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Football Tournament is scheduled to kick off on June 21st at Gulangyu People’s Stadium.     Gulangyu Island, renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics, and varied architectures in the city of Xiamen, will be hosting an international football tournament on June 21st this year. Formerly known as 'Amoy Cup', the 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Football Tournament is scheduled to kick off on June 21st at Gulangyu People’s Stadium. The first ‘Amoy Cup’, a

2014 Gulangyu Cup International Football Tournament to kick off on June 21

Visitors watched the 2013 Amoy Cup International Football Tournament on People’s Stadium of Gulangyu.   This year, the hotly anticipated non-profit football tournament has received support from the Gulangyu Sub-district Office, and will change the name of the event from “Amoy Cup” to “Gulangyu Cup”.   Formerly known as “”Amoy Cup”, the 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Football Tournament is set to kick off on June 21 this year, in an effort to repeat and exceed the success and fun of

History of Amoy Cup 7-a-side football tournament

The first “Amoy Cup”, a 7-a-side football tournament initiated by the Xiamen International Football Club and co-hosted by WOX, was held at Xiamen’s Gulangyu Island on June 23rd, 2012, which happened to be that year’s Duanwu (Dragon Boat Festival). To promote friendship among local and foreign residents through football, 10 teams, including two from Shanghai, were invited to play against each other at the Gulangyu People’s Stadium. The stadium is believed to be where China’s earliest documented football pitch was. Football was

Amoy Cup 2013: 7-a-side football tournament to kick off again on Gulangyu

The Amoy Cup 2013 is to kick off on the natural grass of Gulangyu People’s Stadium in Xiamen on 11th June.    International football enthusiasts have good reason to be happy as the Amoy Cup, a 7-a-side football tournament, is soon to kick off again on 11th June on the scenic Gulangyu Island of Xiamen City.   Last year’s tournament proved to be a historic moment for international friendship between Chinese and foreign football players in Xiamen, as there were 8 football teams from Xiamen and 2 teams from other cities. Each team was composed of both

Amoy Cup party held at Xiamen Seaview Resort

             On the night of Saturday the 9th June, a joyous Amoy Cup Get-together party, jointly organized by Xiamen International Football Club and WOX, was held at Seaview Resort Xiamen, a hotel situated beside the scenic seashore. There are many similar travel deals like the Seaview Resort Xiamen offer by travel agency.   Their newly revamped bar design gave a Hawaiian atmosphere, with beautiful Aloha Hula dancers, live music and mountains of seafood including king prawns, scallops and oysters to eat,

Introduction of Dell Football Club in the first Amoy Cup

Dell F.C. (Xiamen), leaded by Dell Social Club Committee, was founded in the year of 2001, The team has more than 100 registered members, mostly Dell staffs. 25 of them are regular players who would compete in friendly games. The team focuses on 5-a-side and 9-a-side game.    SOURCE: WOX Team   Read more: Xiamen "Amoy Cup" 2012 cover page Xiamen Amoy Cup 2012 to kick off in Gulangyu on June 23 Football: 7-a-side Gulangyu ‘Amoy Cup’ to begin on June 23 Stadiums and football fields in Xiamen Warm up activities for Amoy

1st Amoy Cup: Black Stars of African students with Xiada

    Black Stars is an amateur Football team based in Xiamen, China. Founded in 2009, Black stars is formed by football lovers mostly of African origin, who study and work in the city of Xiamen. Since the majority of the team members are Xiamen University students, the team home stadium is Xiamen University’s Shang Xian football field. Before the formation of Black Stars, most of the team members used to or still play for different clubs in the city. However, missing the passion and toughness of African football while playing in other teams, we felt the need to
Amoy Cup  

3-hour Night Boat Party at Lujiang Waters after Amoy Cup

Xiamen is a coastal city with fabulous night view and its night tour on Lujiang Waters has become another must-try tour.    A night boat tour will be organized following the completion of Amoy Cup 2012, which is scheduled to kick off at 9am on 23rd June, on Gulangyu Island, and finish at 5pm.   The boat party is to start at 5.30pm, just after the Amoy Cup tournament, and the 3-hour night tour will start its journey from Gulangyu Jetty and finish at Number One Harbour, just in time for the LOMO After Party which starts at 8pm at Hubinbei Lu.   The party boat will
Amoy Cup  

First 'Amoy Cup': Introduction of Xiamen Yu Fan Tian FC

  Yu Fan Tian, literally meaning every fish has its day, is a Xiamen-based amateur football team which has gathered many young players since it was founded in 2008. Football-loving college students from different cities bring vigor and vitality to the team. They were the champions of the 9-a-side Xiamen Football League and once won the second place at the 5-a-side tournament of the same league. The team has been invited to other cities in Fujian Province such as Longyan, Quanzhou and Fuzhou for friendly matches. Major players: No.7 player Huang Weibing,

One month to go before the kick-off of 1st 'Amoy Cup' on Gulangyu Island

The Amoy Cup 2012 will be held on Gulangyu Island 23rd June, 2012     With a month to go before the start of the first 'Amoy Cup', a 7-a-side soccer tournament, Xiamen International F.C. and WOX (whatsonxiamen.com) jointly held a press conference on Friday at the Swiss International Hotel Xiamen. 10 teams with Chinese or expat players, including teams from Shanghai and Hong Kong, were invited to the event to be held on Gulangyu on 23rd June, 2012. Xiamen International F.C. is an amateur football team with active members from China, Germany, France,

Beaver United FC from Shanghai to compete in Xiamen Amoy Cup

  Beaver United is competing inside the top division of the Shanghai International Football League (SIFL).  It's one of the two non-Xiamen-based teams in the first Amoy Cup, which is to be held in June on Gulangyu Island. Beaver United players will fly from Shanghai to Xiamen for this tournament. With over ten different nationalities representing five continents, Beaver United is the embodiment of the expat pub football team. Although they hail from all parts of the globe, they all speak the same language, football.Beaver United has a long history in the SIFL

First 'Amoy Cup': Introduction of Xiamen BOBO Football Club

Xiamen BOBO Football Club     Xiamen BOBO Football Club is an amateur team composed of football lovers who knew each other via local internet forums. It has gathered 40-plus Chinese members in the city of Xiamen since it was founded in 2004. The team gathers together every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for training and playing games. It also arranges different off-court events which make the team popular among local Chinese netizens.   Achievements:   Champion of the nine-a-side Xiamen Amateur Football League (2007)

Introduction of Xiamen Dongke Football Club in 1st Amoy Cup

  Founded in 1986, Dongke Football Club is very famous among amateur football teams in Xiamen.   This team has gathered many football lovers who work or study in the beautiful city, including some former professional players, college and middle school students.   It was Fujian Provincial FA Cup champion, National Beach Football Tournament runnerup and took many titles at local leagues.   Star players:   Captain Zhang Lisheng, in his late 40s, still has the energy to compete with young players 20 years his junior. He is active in running