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Chinese language will be on Russia's College Entrance Exam

    Chinese will be tested as a foreign language for Russia's college entrance exam starting from 2016, Russia's Deputy Minister of Education and Science Natalia Tretiak recently confirmed. Tretiak said they will start the trial period in some selected cities and regions such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and some far east regions. They are right now reviewing texts and technical procedures pertaining to the Chinese language testing. In Russia, college enrollments use high school graduation tests as the only criteria for students to go to college, not like in

China to train 30,000 overseas Chinese teachers by end of 2017

Plans to train about 30,000 overseas Chinese teachers by the end of 2017 were announced on Sunday. Better curricula, improved textbooks and standard testing for students are also on the agenda, Qiu Yuanping, head of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council told the third World Chinese Language and Culture Education Conference. There are more than 60 million overseas Chinese in about 200 countries and regions, and some 20,000 schools of Chinese language and culture overseas. However, many schools lack guidelines, textbooks and financial support. At the

Ove 400m Chinese can't speak Mandarin: Ministry of Education

Nearly half of all Chinese cannot speak their national language fluently. Photo: AFP     More than 400 million Chinese are unable to speak the national language Mandarin, and large numbers in the rest of the country speak it badly, state media said on Thursday as the government launched another push for linguistic unity. China’s ruling Communist Party has promoted Mandarin for decades to unite a nation with thousands of often mutually unintelligible dialects and numerous minority languages, but has been hampered by the country’s size and lack of

China's Confucius Institutes receives 655k students in 2012

655,000 students registered at Confucius Institutes.   China's Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms received about 655,000 registered students in 108 countries and regions this year, according to the organization's headquarters. The Confucius Institute and Confucius Classrooms, both named for the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, serve as non-profit public institutions aiming to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries. Currently, 400 Confucius Institutes and over 500 Confucius Classrooms have been established

Foreign students showcase language abilities in 'Chinese Bridge'

Tatiana Karpova, a young Russian woman who fought her fear of mass transit to take a four-day train ride to China to join in a national language contest, has dreamed of competing in the country for years. Karpova overcame psychological trauma caused by two childhood car accidents to compete in Chinese Bridge, a Chinese language competition for foreign college students. "The two tragedies in the childhood made me shy and self-abased. It is the Chinese language that helped me overcome myself," said the 22-year-old. Karpova and another 116 students from 70

China bans random use of foreign languages in publications

China's state press and publishing body says the increasingly random appearance of foreign words and abbreviations, especially English, in publications is damaging the Chinese language   Chinese media organizations and publishers are banned from randomly mixing foreign languages with Chinese in publications. When it is necessary to use foreign phrases or words, they should be accompanied by a translation or explanation in Chinese, according to a new regulation. The regulation was issued on Monday by the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP)

Popularity of English language is a 'new threat' to China

According to Huang Youyi, CPCC member and director of the China International Publishing Group, the Chinese language is facing a new invasion: by the English language. Huang feels that no good can come of the popular use of English words and acronyms (such as GDP and CEO) in published Chinese articles and everyday conversations. He told China Daily:   "Chinese won't be a pure language in a couple of years (...) In the long run, Chinese will lose its role as an independent linguistic system for passing on information and expressing human feelings."   In his

Is China losing its Chinese language?

For Chinese students nowadays, no matter what kind of schools they are going to - universities, high schools and even primary schools, they have to face and tackle the problem of learning English. All examinations they want to pass require them to first pass English.   Examinations for entering further education, studying abroad and even graduating from college, all require scores in English examinations. English has become the most popular course in tutorial classes and even in the self-study classroom. If you have ever been in a self-study classroom in some college's and