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Fujian's Dehua named 'World Ceramics Capital'

    Dehua county in East China's Fujian province cemented its prominence after being named World Ceramics Capital by the World Crafts Council (WCC) on Sunday, Southeast Express reports.     WCC bestowed the title to Dehua through a unanimous vote following a two-day investigation by an international expert panel on May 29 and 30. Dehua met criteria across the board to win the honor, including splendid ceramic products, a long and splendid ceramic history and solid industrial infrastructure, said experts.     

2 suspects arrested in 10-year-old Xiamen schoolboy's missing case

Lin Xinxuan, a student of Xiamen Wushipu Elementary School who was found missing on 12th April, was confirmed dead by the police       Liu Mouming, one of the suspects is an acqaintance of Lin and his family         The other suspect, Liu Moufeng, is Liu Mouming's cousin Xiamen Police have arrested two suspects in connection to a 10-year-old Xiamen schoolboy’s missing case on 21st April, reported China News.com Sunday.   The schoolboy Lin Xinxuan, 10, a student of Xiamen Wushipu

Drivers survive after truck loaded with crafts plunges off bridge in Xiamen

    On 4:30 am of 8th March, 2 drivers of a truck loaded with art and craft goods survived unhurt after their truck plunged into the sea off Xiamen Bridge’s approach span. However, they lost the 500 cartons of art and craft goods on the truck, reports Straits Herald.   The truck lost control at the approach span’s connection to land. 10 meters’ bridge guardrail were destroyed by the impact.   The truck’s front was severely-damaged and sunk in the water, while its back was leaning on the seawall after its 10