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5 Chinese universities on list of world's top 100: QS rankings

    Four Chinese universities have made it into the world's top 100 according to new QS World University Rankings, the nation's best performance. They are Tsinghua(25th), Peking (41st), Fudan (51st) and Shanghai Jiao Tong (70th) universities. It is the first time a mainland university has surpassed those in Hong Kong, with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ranking 28th. As for the top 10, Massachusetts Institute of Technology retains top spot followed by Harvard University, which climbed two places to second. University of Cambridge and

19-year-old college freshman commits suicide in Shanghai's Fudan University

A male college student in Shanghai jumped to his death from a hall of residence early on Thursday morning, police said. The 19-year-old freshman jumped from the fourth floor of a dormitory building at Fudan University. The university said he was an exchange student from Yunnan University. The university said it responded to a call at around 1:30 am, and sent the student to hospital within 10 minutes. Police are investigating the student's death as suicide. A suicide note was recovered from his dorm with a message saying he chose to end his life due to long-term depression, according

iPad obsession hurting child's development, warns expert

iPad obsession hurting child's development.[File photo]    Ipad, considered by many parents as a good pre-education tool for their children, needs to be re-examined after a local expert warned about its social and development consequences.   About 80 percent of children are obsessed with iPads - playing games on them, surfing the Internet and even shopping on China's biggest e-commerce website taobao.com, according to Cao Jin, a professor with the Journalism School at Shanghai's Fudan University. "iPad has become the most wanted gift on a

XMU tightens lab management after Fudan University poison case

Xiamen University has reinforced laboratory management in its Siming campus and Xiang’an campus recently after a Fudan University tragedy. Huang Yang, a graduate student from Fudan University in Shanghai died on 16th Aril after allegedly being poisoned by his roommate surnamed Lin. The poisoning of Huang Yang has raised public concerns, and reminded many netizens of a similar case that occurred in Tsinghua University in 1994 when a sophomore named Zhu Ling died from thallium poisoning. Zhu's classmate and roommate Sun Wei was later investigated by police as a suspect

Fudan Uni. includes psychological test in recruitment process

For the first time, Fudan University included a psychological test in its enrollment process, the school said on Wednesday. The test will be applied to students trying to enter the school without taking the National College Entrance Examination because of their outstanding performance in high school. A university recruitment official was quoted by the Jiefang Daily as saying that the move is aimed at paying more attention to the student's mental health, so as to improve their development in an all-rounded way. However, the test will not determine the final result of the

18yo visually impaired boy Shen Dawei enters Fudan University

 Shen Dawei    Life is never easy for the disabled, especially if they have to compete with physically healthy people.    However, Shen Dawei, whose visibility is limited, has successfully managed to squeeze into one of the city's top universities. The freshman admitted to Fudan University this semester is blind in his left eye and suffers from severe myopia, 1,400 degrees, in his right eye. The 1.8-meter Shen wore a pair of spherical glasses and took along a magnifying glass to the college entrance exam, which he passed. "I

Shanghai World Expo Park starts 6-day trial operation

  Shanghai World Expo Park is going on trial operation from Tuesday to Sunday, with five comprehensive drills to be performed during the period, the Yangtse Evening Post reported Tuesday. The first comprehensive drill started on Tuesday, with an estimated 200,000 people participating. The Expo Park is to open at 9:00 am and close at 8:00 pm during the trial operation. The city's subways saw their first comprehensive drill Tuesday for the World Expo with passengers on board. The drill is expected to enhance the subway system's capability of handling huge passenger

DNA test launched to identify authenticity of Cao Cao's mausoleum

SHANGHAI: Archeologists and experts from the Shanghai-based Fudan University are conducting a DNA experiment to confirm that a recently excavated tomb in Henan province is Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-280) warlord Cao Cao's mausoleum.    Archeologists excavate Cao Cao's mausoleum on Dec 30, 2009   Fudan University has requested people across the country with Cao and Xiahou as their family names to take a DNA test, so that they could match the samples with those recovered from the tomb, which was found buried under a remote village in Anyang county of Henan