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16-foot-long Whale Shark caught by fishermen in Fujian's Shishi

All in a day's work: Cai Chengzhu was fishing in Xianghzhi, eastern China, when he found this 16ft-long whale shark - before lugging it onto his tractor and driving it for half-an-hour to a market in nearby Shishi     Chinese fisherman Cai Chengzu claims he didn't know the 16-foot-long monster was endangered, and was planning to sell it at market. While on a fishing trip Cai pulled in his net on Friday to discover a giant fish weighting two tonnes thrashing around, trying to escape. The fisherman from Xianghzhi in the far-eastern province of Fujian, said that he and

World Bank to help reduce vulnerability of Fujian fishermen to typhoons

Today the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a $60 million loan to the People’s Republic of China to reduce the vulnerability of fishing communities to extreme weather events in the country’s south eastern coastal Fujian Province. Fishery is a very important sector in coastal Fujian Province and accounts for around 30 percent of its agricultural sector’s GDP. About 420,000 fishermen and their families depend on fish catching and aquiculture for a living. In recent years, extreme weather events have frequently hit the coast of Fujian and

Fujian urges release of 4 fishermen detained by Taiwan authorities

The Chinese mainland and Taiwan are maintaining communications over four mainland fishermen detained by Taiwan authorities earlier this month, a mainland official said Wednesday.   The mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and the Taiwan-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) were keeping in touch on the issue, Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, told a press conference.   A fishing boat was seized and the four crew from the mainland's Fujian province were arrested by a Taiwan patrol in

4.4m counterfeit RMB 'caught' by fishermen in Dongshan of Fujian

  Fishermen of Dongshan, Fujian Province were initially excited at 3 am last Friday when, after 10 hours of trawling, two nets pulled up two large heavy duty plastic bags containing more than 4.4 million yuan ($ 661,377).   However, the cash catch turned out to be counterfeit and was turned over to police.   When police returned to the spot with fishermen the next day, another 2 million in bogus 100 yuan notes was also "caught."   SOURCE: Global Times   Editorial Message   This site contains materials from other

Photo of Fujian fishermen wins grand prize in 2010 Travel Photo Contest

On a receding tide in the East China Sea just after sunrise, three fishermen cast nets at Xiapu, Fujian, China. John Montague, 66, a retired airline pilot from Portland, used a Canon EOS 5D to capture the tranquility of the scene.   A flashlight can be as important as a camera when it comes to making a great photograph. While visiting China last October, John Montague of Portland scouted out a shooting position overlooking a fishing area where the East China Sea meets the Taiwan Strait. He returned the next morning before daybreak to get the best light, so he