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Google tests hot air balloons in New Zealand to boost web access for remote places

A Google balloon sails past New Zealand's Southern Alps. The internet giant is currently testing its new technology in the country. Picture: Jon Shenk/AP   GOOGLE has revealed top-secret plans to send balloons to the edge of space with the lofty aim of bringing internet to the two-thirds of the global population currently without web access. Scientists from the technology giant released up to 30 helium-filled test balloons flying 20 kilometres above Christchurch in New Zealand on Saturday, carrying antennae linked to ground base stations. While still in

India set to overtake China as world's most populous country from 2028: UN

India's population is forecast to continue to grow until 2050, according to the United Nations   India looks set to overtake China as the world's most populous country from 2028, according to the United Nations. At that point, both nations will number 1.45 billion people each. Subsequently India's population will continue to grow until the middle of the century, while China's slowly declines. The UN also estimates that the current global population of 7.2 billion will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. That is a faster rate of growth than previously estimated.