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Xiamen issues 10,000 multipurpose 'travel passports'

  Xiamen travel passports   Recently, the Xiamen Tourism Bureau issued 10,000 multipurpose "travel passports", which can be used in Xiamen's landmark attractions, the Voice of Strait reported on 25th Jan 2011. The "passport" integrates multi-functions including travel guidebooks, souvenirs, discount coupons and incentive travel. It bears images of Xiamen's 12 landmark attractions, like sight-seeing buses, Huandao Road, Xiamen University, Hi Heaven Villa on Gulangyu Island and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park, etc. These

Xiamen Gulangyu gears up for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site status

Gulangyu (Photo by 扬扬其香)   Xiamen Gulangyu Island has sped up its application for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site status, reports Xiamen Economic Daily. Any place in China that attempts to apply for the World Cultural Heritage must be listed on the Preparatory Directory for World Cultural Heritage Sites of China first. The preparatory directory is renewed every five years. Gulangyu Island is scheduled to accept the assessment of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage from 14th June to 16th June this year, and will be listed in the

Gulangyu Island finishes restoration on 170 historical buildings

    As part of its effort in applying for UNESCO status, Gulangyu has restored 170 historical buildings on the islet to their original appearance and set up files for 391 buildings which are typical in ages and architecture styles for further maintenance and restoration works. The 170 buildings include 16 public houses, 137 private houses and 17 unit's self-managerial houses. 60 of them are in first-class protection while 110 are in "common" protection. The restoration work had four goals -- to maintain the building's original structure, material,

Gulangyu ferry to adopt real-name ticket purchasing system for group visitors

A real-name ticket purchasing system will be implemented in August for group visitors who take ferries to Gulangyu Island, according to the ferry company. The company launched a real-name ticket purchasing system for individual visitors this February. Tour guides will be required to log in the ticket purchasing system ahead of departure and input group members' names and ID card/passport numbers. Group visitors are required to show their ID or other valid certificates when boarding the ferries. The company said the system’s main propose is to ensure a safe journey

Gulangyu gets national green light to vie for UNESCO recognition

With a mixture of Western and traditional Chinese culture, the island of Gulangyu is unique, with well-crafted gardens, winding alleyways, pristine beaches, distinctive shops and diverse architectural styles. (Photo provided by Gulangyu Sub-district Office)   Gulangyu has defeated 9 other Chinese cultural sites to become the next representative from China to vie for UNESCO World Heritage status in 2017, seven years after it started its application for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site status. Gulangyu first applied to become a World Heritage site in

B&B inns on Gulangyu encounter ‘chilliest’ summer

B&Bs and inns on the islet have encountered their “chilliest” summer in recent memory as about 30 percent of their rooms are still empty, a large drop from the same time last year     Summer has been the busy season for tourism on Gulangyu Islet over the past few years. However, B&Bs and inns on the islet have encountered their “chilliest” summer in recent memory as about 30 percent of their rooms are still empty, a large drop from the same time last year. Last year it was reported that visitors to Gulangyu should make bookings at least two

Yinghua defends title at 2015 Gulangyu Cup Int'l Football Clubs Tournament

  2015第二届“鼓浪屿杯”足球俱乐部友谊赛圆满落幕!The 2015 Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament, the annual football carnival on Xiamen's scenic and historic island, was staged at the century-old Gulangyu People's Stadium on June 20, coinciding China's Dragon Boat Festival.   Since its beginning in 2012, the annual tournament has been jointly organized by What's on Xiamen (WOX) and the Xiamen International Football Club (XMIFC). The seven-a-side football tournament has gained great popularity

Renovation plan of Gulangyu's Dadeji Bathing Beach unveiled

Dadeji Bathing Beach on Gulangyu Island     The Gulangyu Island Management Committee released to the public a renovation plan for the Dadeji Bathing Beach on June 12. Located on Gulangyu Island, the Dadeji Bathing Beach has a clean sandy beach and a bay of grayish-green seawater, drawing large numbers of swimmers both in summer and winter. In the recent years however, a large number of structures exceeding the beach’s bearing capacity have been set up on the beach, severely influencing the beach's environment. According to the plan, the buildings along

Rooftop of apartment building on Gulangyu Island collapses, no casualties

With a thunderous crash, bricks from the building fell to the ground at around 11:00 a.m. on June 14, blocking half of the road and covering over 30 square meters. (Photo: taihainet.com)     The rooftop of a 3-story apartment building on the Gulangyu Island collapsed on Sunday, causing a large amount of bricks to fall to the ground. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. With a thunderous crash, bricks from the building fell to the ground at around 11:00 a.m. on June 14, blocking half of the road and covering over 30 square meters. The local government sent an

Gulangyu Island to build itself as tobacco-free island

    Xiamen has been promoting the control of tobacco use since 1992 and has gained great achievements in recent years. This year, Xiamen successfully entered the Sino-American Cooperative Tobacco-free Project and will soon build its Gulangyu Island into a tobacco-free island under the help of the project.   21.3% of Xiamen’s adult residents, 1.1% female adults, 43.4% male adults, and 5.6% teenagers, are smokers, according to an investigation conducted by the Xiamen Disease Control Center. Besides, 49.5% of Xiamen’s residents are suffering
Gulangyu Island     

Gulangyu to be turned into an island with 'living museums'

    Gulangyu Island will be bringing more good old memories for every visitor as it launches several new cultural projects, including foreign consulate-turned museums and family concerts.    A total of 8 foreign consulates on Gulangyu Island will be turned into various museums and will be open to the public for free.    The Dutch consulate took the cultural lead in transformation in March last year. The first floor of the consulate was turned into an exhibition hall for Gulangyu's humanity and history. A special exhibition, "The Age of

Gulangyu selected as one of China's 30 historic and cultural areas

    The State Administration of Cultural Heritage released the first batch of 30 historic and cultural areas in China and Gulangyu Island was selected as one of them.    Three other historic and cultural areas in Fujian Province made the list, including Zhongshan Road area in Quanzhou city, Taiwan Road-Hong Kong Road area in Zhangzhou city and the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys area in Fuzhou city.    Gulangyu Island has a good reputation for being home to many historic relics and architecture. In May of last year, it was named in the first batch of

Gulangyu environment improved after ferry timetable adjustment

The new timetable of Xiamen-Gulangyu ferry service took effect on October 20th last year     The livable environment and crowded conditions on Gulangyu Island have seen obvious improvements after the new timetable of Xiamen-Gulangyu ferry service was put into place, which took effect on October 20th last year.    The new timetable has helped divert excessive passenger flow to the scenic island, which has greatly eased the crowded conditions on the island and has won increasing praise from the public.    The ferry route adjustment is

Gulangyu Island launches real-name ticket purchasing system from Feb 22

A total of 73,000 tourists visited Gulangyu Island on February 21 (the 4th day of this year’s Spring Festival Holiday), down 27.3% compared with the visitor volume of more than 100,000 people on the 4th day of the Spring Festival Holiday in 2014, according to the management committee of Gulangyu Island. According to insiders, passenger flow to and from Gulangyu Island will remain high during the rest of the 2015 Spring Festival Holiday, and tourists are suggested to purchase ferry tickets to the island via the website: xmferry.com in advance, or get on the island via the

Gulangyu to build more public restrooms & undergo facelift project on old ones

    The current public restrooms on Gulangyu Island will undergo a “facelift” to meet five-star standards, and three new restrooms will be built, the latest plans for Gulangyu renovations revealed.    There are currently 21 public restrooms on Gulangyu Island. 3 new public restrooms will be added at Bishan Park, Gangzaihou Bathing Beach and on Fuzhou Road.    The total number of public restrooms on Gulangyu Island is expected to amount to 325 by the end of 2020.    After renovation, the