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Spectacular afternoon tea buffet at 26th floor of Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  Having afternoon tea at a luxurious hotel is quite a posh indulgence. For a couple of hours, you can sit in lavish surroundings, sip fine teas and nosh on finger foods -- it's one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Starting from 1st January, the Executive Lounge on the 26th floor of Hotel Nikko Xiamen is offering buffet afternoon tea from 14:00 to 17:00 every day. With only RMB 98, you can enjoy a spectacular array of savoury delights including European pastries, Hong Kong Dim Sum, Japanese sushi, sashimi as well as various kinds of fresh fruits and ice cream. Located on

Hotel Nikko Xiamen to hold Xmas tree lighting ceremony

  December brings the unofficial start of the Christmas season with tree lighting ceremonies in nearly every business area across Xiamen, such as hotels, shopping malls and restaurants. Catch the holiday spirit as Hotel Nikko Xiamen will light the Christmas tree during a lighting ceremony complete with performances by a children’s choir, with dainty food and more. Since its opening in 2011, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony has become a tradition for this Japanese hotel to spread its blessings for guests. During this year’s ceremony, the hotel

Warm up this winter with Japanese hotpot at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  The Benkay Japanese restaurant at Hotel Nikko Xiamen has updated its winter menu with two Japanese hot pot dishes - the Pork & Pickle Hotpot and Suppon Turtle Hotpot, to warm guests up during the cold winter season. The Pork & Pickle Hotpot is richly flavoured with thinly sliced pork belly, juicy pickles, and an assortment of mushrooms and vegetables, making it a hearty yet healthy dish to enjoy during the winter. Suppon turtle, or soft-shell turtle, is considered to be the most elegant fare for Japanese hotpot. It was the favorite of imperial courts throughout

Dining Out on Thanksgiving Day in Xiamen

  There's a lot going on this November 28 besides turkey. If you're looking forward to a delicious Thanksgiving spread—or just a nice meal—without the dreaded cleanup, WOX has compiled a list of hotels around Xiamen that will do the work for you. *Traditional Turkey Feast at Le Meridien Xiamen Savor golden brown turkey with crispy skin and scrumptious stuffing at the western restaurant Latest Recipe at Le Meridien Xiamen on the night of 28th November for the Thanksgiving Day celebration. The restaurant will put on this turkey feast with a

Japanese Teppanyaki Surf & Turf Set Menu in Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  Grilled on an iron plate, Japanese Teppanyaki highlights the original flavors of fresh ingredients with only a little seasoning added while the food is cooked. It is a unique culinary art that has established itself as one of the favorites of Japanese cuisine.   Japanese Teppanyaki is a rare culinary pleasure indeed, guaranteed to delight every time it is served. And now, you are invited to enjoy this delectation at the Japanese Restaurant Benkay in Hotel Nikko Xiamen, which is rolling out two Teppanyaki set menus featuring fresh seafood, beef, vegetables and

Great American Food Feast at Hotel Nikko Xiamen this November

  As the days gradually cool down, we can see the leaves turn from green to their Autumnal shades of red, yellow and orange. This change should remind us of the importance of including colorful foods in our meals every day. Antioxidants are found in a range of foods, but are especially abundant in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and eating them can help prevent a range of diseases. Mindful for the need for a healthy diet for its customers, a colorful combination of culinary delicacies from the American continent is being offered up at All Day Dining Café Serena

Hotel Nikko Xiamen to dish out 'Earth Dragon' soup

  When the leaves start changing colors and the air turns cooler, thoughts turn to hearty, warming fare, making fall the perfect season to drink some nourishing soups. In Xiamen, the most popular soup during this season is absolutely the ‘Earth Dragon’ soup. Earth Dragon is actually a kind of eel which can be found in marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific. They’re very fierce and feed on shellfish like shrimps, crabs and razor clams. Minnan people believe they can strengthen tendons and bones, and are very good for pregnant women. The Toh-Lee Chinese

Kurobuta pork delicacies at Hotel Nikko Xiamen this October

Kurobuta Pork is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from the ancient breed of pig known as the Black Berkshire. The meat from the pure oriental strains of Black Berkshire found in Japan is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world. The Benkay Japanese restaurant at Hotel Nikko Xiamen is offering Kurobuta pork hotpot this October. Just scald the thinly sliced pork in the flavoursome hot soup and dip it into a special sauce, and then let the rich and layered aromas and flavours of the delectable pork explode on your palate.   If you’re not that fond of hotpot,

Hotel Nikko Xiamen to offer local seafood delicacies this Oct.

  Located on the southeast coast of China facing the straits, Xiamen is a foodie's paradise, especially for lovers of seafood. This October, the Toh-Lee Chinese Restaurant at Hotel Nikko Xiamen is laying on a selection of traditional and unique seafood dishes emphasizing local cooking methods. One of the chef’s highest recommendations is the scalded squid. The squid is only scalded for a short period of time before being served. Its texture is wonderfully crispy and fresh, with a delicious, specially made sauce. Another highlight is the famous sandworm jelly. The

Hotel Nikko Xiamen to hold 4th Wedding Show on Oct. 13

    To publicise their romantic wedding ceremonies and perfect honeymoons, Hotel Nikko Xiamen, together with Our Love Wedding Planning Company, Angel Wedding Photography Studio and Malaysian Airlines, will jointly present a wonderful nuptial extravaganza during the 4th Wedding Show in the hotel on 13th October. Since its opening in September, 2011, Hotel Nikko Xiamen, the only high-end Japanese hotel in the city, has not only provided first-class accommodation and hospitality services to travelers, but has also become popular for social functions and

Hotel Nikko Xiamen holds fire drill to strengthen emergency response procedures

  On the afternoon of 2nd September, Hotel Nikko Xiamen held a simulated fire drill as a means of inspecting and maintaining the hotel's safety emergency response system. The fire drill, which consisted of raising the alarm, evacuating guests, rescuing those who were trapped and extinguishing fires, was held as the hotel braces for the upcoming 17th China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) which is scheduled to be held in Xiamen from September 8-11, 2013.         When the fire alarm rang out, the hotel's fire guards, who

Hotel Nikko Xiamen introduces Nagoya-style eel over rice

  Hitsumabushi (Nagoya-style eel over rice) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, along with the more internationally prominent sushi, sashimi and tempura. It is a particular favourite in Nagoya, and is prepared by heaping a generous portion of sliced grilled eel on top of a small tub full of rice. The eel is typically grilled and slathered in a rich dark sauce. It is traditionally eaten in one of three ways. The first way is without any accompaniment in order to really savour the flavour of the eel. The second is with horseradish, which adds a rich and spicy zing to the eel. The

New wagyu beef menu now available at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  Wagyu is a rare pleasure indeed, guaranteed to delight every time it's sampled. Wagyu beef has an exceedingly melting and delicate texture. When properly cooked to rare or medium-rare, a Wagyu strip steak bursts with a rich, buttery onset, followed by a hearty, meaty finish that lingers gently on the palate. Benkay Japanese Restaurant in the Hotel Nikko Xiamen is offering Roasted Wagyu Beef with Rice at RMB 78 + 15%, together with miso soup, pickled vegetables, salad and fruits. The delicacy is served from 11:30 to 14:00 daily, and diners who spend RMB 500 or more per

Festive Mooncake Gift Boxes at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  The mooncake, also referred to as "walnut cake", "palace cake", "small cake", "moon pastry" and "reunion cake" etc, is a special cake eaten during the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The annual festival custom of a whole family getting together, eating mooncakes and enjoying the moon dates back thousands of years.   The fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the festival falls on 19th September this year. The traditional pastry is almost everywhere during the Mid-Autumn

Exotic Gourmet Food Month at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

  The summer heat wave sweeping China has brought high temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius, triggering a level two emergency response from the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) for the first time on Tuesday. As well as heatstroke, many people have also found they've lost their appetite.   To reinvigorate your stomach, All Day Dinning Café Serena in Hotel Nikko Xiamen, is offering up exotic gourmet food from Monday to Friday each week during what promises to be a sizzling August. What's more, every diner at Serena has the chance to win a buffet