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£60k on surgery is cheaper than the gym, says human Ken doll Justin Jedlica

Ken you believe it? .... Justin Jedlica has spent £60k on over 100 procedures REX   HUMAN Ken doll Justin Jedlica has said that the £60k he's forked out on plastic surgery to beef up is actually CHEAPER than going to the gym. Appearing on This Morning earlier today the 32-year-old New Yorker said that opting for his "short-term pain for the long-term gain" approach has actually SAVED him money.   He told show hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes: "By the time that you pay to go, force yourself to eat all the time, pay for your

Real-life Ken & Barbie, Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova, go to war in NY

Almost lifelike ... Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova as Ken and Barbie   Barbie world ... Valeria Lukyanova   Reality check ... real Ken & Barbie dolls   Life in plastic ... Valeria Lukyanova   Barbie Girl ... Valeria Lukyanova with doll   New York doll ... Valeria Lukyanova in Big Apple   A MODEL who has turned herself into a living Barbie paired up with a real-life Ken — and they hated the sight of each other. Valeria Lukyanova, 23, is the spitting image of the iconic plastic doll, with long blonde

Meet Justin Jedlica, US real-life Ken doll who undergoes 90 surgeries

Justin Jedlica   Meet Justin Jedlica, the human Ken doll who's undergone 90 plastic surgery procedures in the hope of attaining the perfect physique. The 32-year-old has spent more than US$100,000 (S$122,092) in the last decade in his quest to look like a living doll. Along with his chiselled face, he has a G.I. Joe-like body complete with rock-hard pecs, defined six-pack abs and bulging biceps and triceps - all without lifting a single weight or hitting the gym. Like a plastic doll, his "muscles" are all fake. Nearly every inch of his upper body is