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Appetizing summer New Zealand seafood at Marco Polo Xiamen

Has the hot summer weather killed your appetite and make you yearn for something lighter and cooler to eat? You’re in luck! Shogun Japanese restaurant at Marco Polo Xiamen is offering delightful, refreshing fare from the waters of New Zealand this July and August.   The restaurant started offering fresh and appetizing New Zealand seafood from July 1st. The promotion will continue until August 31st. Prices start from RMB 98 per portion.   Freshly imported seafood is more delicious when eaten raw. Mindful of this, Shogun has made sashimi the

400 pcs of artistic Napoleon cake to commemorate at Marco Polo

Marco Polo Xiamen plans to sell its signature dessert on August 16th, 2018 (today) in memory of Napoléon Bonaparte, the famous French military leader and statesman.     Born on August 15th, 1769, Napoléon Bonaparte would be 249 years old on this August 15th if he were still alive. To commemorate the legendary figure, Marco Polo Xiamen has launched a special promotion of its limited-edition Napoleon anniversary cake, which has a special name — the King Napoleon cake.   The King Napoleon cake anniversary edition will feature a

Enjoy Marco Polo Xiamen's 5-star dishes from RMB 6 per serving

On April 13th to 15th, and 20th to 22nd, Marco Polo Xiamen will again launch its annual Food festival at its outdoor area. The hotel will set up five special stalls for its five restaurants, which will offer nearly 100 specialties and three signature dishes in total. All food items will be offered starting from RMB 6 per serving. The event is held only once a year. Savor it and don’t miss it!        When: Date: April 13th to April 15th, 2018      April 20th to 22nd, 2018 Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on

Marco Polo Xiamen's free afternoon tea for joggers & cyclists

In an effort to show concern for air pollution and global warming on the day of 2018 Earth Hour, Marco Polo Xiamen is sponsoring a non-profit event that rewards Xiamen residents for exercising and getting around in a clean, environmentally friendly way.    The hotel will be offering a hearty afternoon tea in support of low-carbon living and green travel tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 24th, Xiamen joggers and cyclists who complete a five-kilometer-or-more exercise can come to Marco Polo Xiamen in the afternoon from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and enjoy

Get hot and spicy at Marco Polo Xiamen's Sichuan food festival

  Sichuan cuisine, also known as Chuan cuisine, is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine. Sichuan cuisine dishes are known for their deep and rich flavors, especially for the unique flavor of Sichuan pepper. "Signature" Sichuan dishes loved by foodies far and wide include stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots, black fungus and green peppers, kong pao chicken, Sichuan hot pot, stir-fried chicken with chili peppers, and mapo tofu. In a season where people might experience discomfort or ailments due to changes in the weather, spicy food can

Marco Polo Xiamen wins 2017 Agoda Gold Circle Award

  2 January, 2018 (Xiamen, China) –Marco Polo Xiamen was awarded the 2017 Gold Circle Award Winner by Agoda.com, one of Asia’s leading online booking sites, the award is presented to top performers with good customer feedback and reviews. Mr. Errol Cooke, Vice President of Partner Services, “Agoda congratulates hotel on the award from travelers who recognize Marco Polo Xiamen as good travelling partners.” “We are immensely proud to receive this accolade. It affirms the consistency of services and relationship with business

New catering & banquet director and executive chef of Marco Polo Xiamen

On November 17th, 2017, in Xiamen, Wharf Hotels named Mr. Gary Leong (梁翰辉) the new catering and banquet director of Marco Polo Xiamen, and chef Attila Dominik Kormoczi the hotel’s new executive chef.      Mr. Gary Leong (梁翰辉) , the new catering & banquet director of Marco Polo Xiamen   Throughout his 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Gary Leong has worked in  Shangri-La Hotels in Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Singapore. Before he took office as the catering and banquet director of Marco Polo Xiamen, he served as

Brazilian Churrascaria Promotion at Café Marco

  Brazil is known throughout the world for its energetic samba dance, famous sites such as the Christ the Redeemer statue, and its rich gem minerals — but the country is also known for its wonderful cuisine. From now until November 30th, 2017, Marco Polo Xiamen will be offering a classic Brazilian Churrascaria dinner buffet at its Café Marco restaurant. Xiamen residents and travelers to the city now have a chance to enjoy authentic Brazilian food at Marco Polo Xiamen.   Brazilian gourmet food   Picanha style Sirloin roast, cumin

Marco Polo Xiamen's 2nd charity bazaar comes to a successful end

  The 2017 Marco Polo Xiamen charity bazaar came to a successful end on October 22nd, 2017. The event raised more than RMB 23,000 for the special children of Children of Promise.   The first Marco Polo Xiamen charity bazaar was held in 2016 in celebration of the hotel’s 20th anniversary. The success of the first charity bazaar garnered attention and admiration from the public. This year, Marco Polo Xiamen once again obtained support for the event from community stakeholders including families, merchants, international schools, and the Guanren International

Charity Bazaar & auction this Sunday at Marco Polo Xiamen

  Marco Polo Xiamen will team up with the Guanren International Community, Children of Promise (厦门诺苗特殊少儿家庭互助中心), and numerous merchants to host a charity bazaar this Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 starting at 2:00 p.m. The event will be held at Marco Polo Xiamen’s outdoor area. Items including daily supplies, clothes, hand bags, jewelry, books, and baby and infant products will be on offer. A public auction featuring valuable room vouchers for NICCOLO Hotels and Marco Polo Hotels will also be held at the charity bazaar. The

German Food Festival in October. Get the party started!

Most people think of beer when they think of German dining. But German cuisine consists of a wide variety of foods — pork knuckle, pretzel, many different kinds of sausage, and much more. And now, you don’t have to fly from Xiamen to Germany to enjoy authentic German cuisine. Every night from now to October 29th, 2017, the new German executive chef of Café Marco, Attila Kormoczi, will be offering the city’s most authentic and traditional German cuisine at Marco Polo Xiamen’s Café Marco. Apart from the exotic German food, Café Marco also

2017 Autumn wedding sharing session at Marco Polo Xiamen

The weather in Xiamen during Autumn season is so cool and comfortable that make Autumn in Xiamen a perfect season for hosting weddings. It was during such a cosy season that Marco Polo Xiamen had come up with an idea to share tips of how to host an unforgettable wedding with a group of soon-to-be married couples. On September 23rd, 2017, Marco Polo Xiamen had perfectly presented an exquisite and deluxe Autumn wedding sharing session featuring black, golden, and white as the main color. On the session, the hotel’s wedding experts had offered luxurious wedding services for the guests

Marco Polo Xiamen offers Silk Road Iced Coffee & lavish sashimi platter

Are you searching for something new to please your palate? Marco Polo Xiamen has recently launched a new special beverage it is calling the Silk Road Iced Coffee. The new beverage is available at the group’s thirteen Marco Polo Hotels in China mainland, Hong Kong and the Philippines. You can order the beverage at 40 of its restaurants, bars and on its in-room dining menus. It costs RMB 58 per cup, including a perfectly warmed cookie. The hotel has also launched a lavish Japanese senior sashimi platter with lobster, abalone, tuna, trout, sea urchin, and more. The lavish Japanese

Brazilian Head of State stays at Marco Polo Xiamen during BRICS

As one of the five BRICS countries, Brazil attended the 2017 BRICS Conference as expected on September 3rd, 2017. On that day, the president of that beautiful country, President Michel Temer, arrived in Xiamen and checked into the Marco Polo Xiamen. On September 5th, when the meeting ended, President Temer, busy with official duties, left Xiamen. As the 2017 BRICS Conference ended satisfactorily, Marco Polo Xiamen’s reception of President Temer came to a successful conclusion on September 5th as well.     Ms. Xu Meili, general manager of Marco Polo Xiamen,

New chef at Marco Polo Xiamen brings meat lovers new excitement

Tired of eating the same dreary food every day throughout the work week? Find some fun in your food on Friday nights at Marco Polo Xiamen. Barbecuing and grilling meat is always a great way to gather with good company and enjoy delicious cuisine. Marco Polo Xiamen has recently added a barbecue zone featuring Shawarma grilled chicken and plenty of mouthwatering grilled meats to Cafe Marco restaurant’s dinner buffet. The new meat section will be available every Friday night after July 7th. The new German executive chef of Cafe Marco, Attila Kormoczi, will make your visit worthwhile!