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Venezuelan neurosurgeon Manuel Alvarado fined $100k over 'knucklehead' bomb threat

Dr Manuel Alvarado told a member of staff that he had a bomb in his bag   A neurosurgeon has been fined almost $US100,000 after making a hoax bomb threat while queuing up in an airport.   Dr Manuel Alberto Alvarado of Venezuela, told staff at Miami International Airport that there was a bomb in one of his bags last year. The ensuing arrest and security response, which took around three hours, reportedly cost the airport $140 a minute; suffice to say, airport officials were less than amused. "People make these stupid comments all the time and they think it's

Hugo Osorno of Miami Airport bashed by staff Rolando Negrin over scanner row

Breaking point: Rolando Negrin is accused of assaulting a colleague after enduring relentless jokes about how his manhood looked on an  X-ray scanner    Exposed: The revealing full body scans alarm privacy campaigners   An airport security guard allegedly battered a colleague who ridiculed him about the size of his manhood after he walked through a hi-tech body scanner.   Miami-Dade Police say Rolando Negrin snapped because he 'couldn't take the jokes anymore'.   During a training session at Miami