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China bans schools from reducing sports activities

     The Ministry of Education has taken steps to ensure students' safety during sports lesson, but reducing hours spent on sport is not an option. A regulation on campus sports injuries released Thursday told schools to follow national quality standards when selecting sports apparatus and to keep records of purchases and use of sports venues for safety backtracking. While every school should have their own emergency procedures, education authorities must guide and supervise their safety routine, a key factor in school evaluation. Schools must

459,800 Chinese left China to study abroad in 2014

    A total of 459,800 Chinese left China to study abroad in 2014, the Ministry of Education said on Thursday. Among those departing for overseas study last year, 21,300 were sponsored with public funds, 15,500 with funding by their employers, and the other 423,000 at their own expense, the ministry said. Over 360,000 students returned home from abroad in 2014.@ Compared with the figures for 2013, the number of students studying abroad and returning home increased by 11.1 percent and 3.2 percent respectively. From 1978, when China started its opening-up

China to implement stronger scrutiny over university system

The Ministry of Education will implement stronger scrutiny over the university system's leaders and impose harsher punishments for corruption, the country's top anti-graft agency said on Sunday. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China published, on Sunday, 18 measures developed by the Education Ministry that require ministry-affiliated institutes and colleges to strengthen supervision over key processes, including promotions, enrollment, campus construction and the allocation of research funds. Anti-graft supervision

More Chinese students chooose to return home after overseas study

Chinese students are increasingly choosing to return home after studying overseas.     Chinese students are increasingly choosing to return home after studying overseas, with some graduates saying better job prospects are driving their decision.    Figures from the Ministry of Education showed 353,500 people who went overseas to study came back to China last year, nearly 30 times the number of returnees seen at the beginning of the century. A survey by the ministry found that more than 60 per cent held master's degrees, while 30 per cent had only a

China's hosts and broadcasters asked to promote Mandarin

China's television and broadcasting watchdog has asked the country's hosts and broadcasters to take the lead in promoting Mandarin. Television hosts and broadcasters should speak Mandarin when hosting programs, except in special cases, and slang that violates language specifications should be prohibited, according to the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. They are asked to abide by Chinese syntax rules and not to coin new words or non-standard expressions, the administration said, adding that imitating pronunciation of

China maintains 'balanced' male to female ratio in university admission

An education official said on Wednesday that China maintained a balanced male to female ratio in university admissions, following media reports of gender discrimination. The ratio of female applications and admissions stood at 50.3 percent and 51.9 percent respectively in the 2013 college entrance exam, according to an official from the Ministry of Education. On Sept. 1, five women wrote a letter of complaint to the ministry, stating that female candidates were discriminated against in admissions to 11 prestigious universities and alleging breaches to ministry

300K primary & secondary schools in China to have supervisors

   All primary and secondary schools across China are to be appointed supervisors by the end of the year, a move that education officials say will improve the regulation of education for children. The Ministry of Education announced on Monday that China's 300,000 public primary and secondary schools will have a supervisor to oversee the work of staff, instruct teachers and handle complaints from parents. He Xiuchao, an official from the ministry, said, "There are lots of problems in school education across the country, which have not been discovered or

Ove 400m Chinese can't speak Mandarin: Ministry of Education

Nearly half of all Chinese cannot speak their national language fluently. Photo: AFP     More than 400 million Chinese are unable to speak the national language Mandarin, and large numbers in the rest of the country speak it badly, state media said on Thursday as the government launched another push for linguistic unity. China’s ruling Communist Party has promoted Mandarin for decades to unite a nation with thousands of often mutually unintelligible dialects and numerous minority languages, but has been hampered by the country’s size and lack of

China to step up cultivation of future military engineers

China's education and military authorities have jointly launched a program to step up the cultivation of future military engineers from selected university students, an official statement said Wednesday. The Ministry of Education (MOE) said in a statement that the MOE and the four general departments of the People's Liberation Army recently issued a joint circular signalling that the program would be launched from this year. Program candidates will be picked from top university juniors who are already being trained by civil universities for national defense purposes and

China to strengthen supervision during nat'l college entrance exam

China's education authorities on Monday pledged intensified efforts in fighting cheating and test fraud ahead of the upcoming national college entrance exam. The Ministry of Education warned that those found in violation of relevant rules and regulations throughout the entire exam process will receive harsh punishments. The ministry urged education authorities across the nation to strengthen supervision and prevent serious cases like the theft of exam papers during the printing and delivery phases. According to the statement, after alleged violations are

China's scholarship program to support 50k international students in 2015

The Chinese government will support about 50,000 international students in China in 2015, and the country will become the largest Asian destination for such students in 2020, high-level Chinese officials said on April 25. About 320,000 overseas students came to China in 2012, the majority from South Korea and the United States, said Liu Jinghui, secretary-general of the China Scholarship Council. Last year, the ministry implemented the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) for the education sector, she said. According to the plan, in 2015, the number of international students in

Online database to keep track of school buses on China's roads

A traffic policeman checks the seat belts on a school bus in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Provided to China Daily    A national online database will keep track of every school bus on China's roads, the Ministry of Education said on Monday. The ministry said it has ordered local authorities to collect detailed information on buses that take children to kindergartens and schools. Information about drivers and chaperones will also be collected, according to an online ministry notice. All data will go into a national management system this year, and

258 majors refused by Ministry of Education for next academic year

A total of 258 of the majors that Chinese colleges and universities applied for authorization to offer students next academic year have been refused by the Ministry of Education, it announced on Wednesday. These majors, including golf industry management, global health studies, network security and law enforcement, and nursing of senior people, were featured in applications from more than 60 colleges and universities nationwide, according to a statement on the ministry's website. But the ministry has also approved certain colleges to offer new majors, such as education

Ministry of Education calls for youth to learn from Good Samaritans

The Ministry of Education on Sunday encouraged Chinese youth to learn from Good Samaritans. All education departments and schools are urged to organize students to watch the 2013 awards ceremony for "Touching China," a program that annually selects ten inspiring individuals and groups to receive awards, according to a circular issued by the ministry. The program was launched by China Central Television (CCTV) in 2002. This year's ceremony was initially held on Feb. 19 and will be televised again on March 20. Schools will receive free video copies of the