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RPM Motorsport boss Robin Mortimer's body found in S&M dungeon

RPM Motorsport boss Robin Mortimer and driver son Alex   Sex den...S&M dungeon     A WEALTHY motorsport boss killed in a bondage session with a Belgian Miss Whiplash was on his way to see his son in a race, it emerged yesterday.   Last night the family of Robin Mortimer, 58 - who were at first told he died in his "sleep" at a hotel - were shattered by the bombshell that it was his body found in an S&M dungeon.   Wife Bridget, 50, was too distraught to speak at their home in a converted granary near Princethorpe, Warwicks

Mistress Lucrezia, 'Europe's most perverted dominatrix' arrested over client's death

Lucrezia, 46, whose real name was given only as Ira V.D., was arrested and charged with assault and battery leading to death, without intent to kill.                 A BRITISH man has died following a depraved sadomasochistic sex session with a woman who boasts she is "Europe's most perverted dominatrix". The 58-year-old client collapsed in the shower after an "intense session" with Mistress Lucrezia and her assistant, Mistress Juno, at their villa near Brecht, Belgium.   The Antwerp