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Biggest iceberg (260km sq) on record, breaks off from Greenland

Huge ... a massive ice block has broken off Greenland.   A MONSTER ice island - measuring a 100 SQUARE miles - has broken off from one of Greenland's two main glaciers, scientists have announced. It is the biggest such event in the Arctic in nearly 50 years. The new ice island, which broke off on Thursday, will enter a remote place called the Nares Strait, about 620 miles (1,000km) south of the North Pole between Greenland and Canada. The ice island has an area of 100 square miles (260 square km) and a thickness up to half the height of the Empire State Building, said Andreas

China's 4th Arctic expedition team departs for North Pole from Xiamen

  China’s 4th Arctic expedition team Xuelong (Snow Dragon) icebreaker from Shanghai arrived in Xiamen yesterday afternoon for an arctic region science popularization activity. After that on 1st July, the icebreaker will depart for Arctic for scientific research from Xiamen.   According to the press conference held on 26th June, their main task this time is to investigate the atmosphere, sea ice and ocean which associated with the wide rage of sea ice melting, under the mechanism of Arctic sea ice rapid change and its impact on Arctic marine ecological

Arctic-bound icebreaker "Snow Dragon" to depart from Xiamen on July 1

The icebreaker "Snow Dragon" is set to carry over a hundred Chinese scientists to the North Pole for scientific expedition from Xiamen.   Over a hundred Chinese scientists will set sail to the Arctic on July 1, the fourth such expedition of its kind, to study changes in ice surface and its effects on the environment, the State Oceanic Administration said Saturday. A group of 122 scientists, logistics staff, and reporters will participate in the 85-day research project aboard the icebreaker "Snow Dragon," the