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Temptatous assorted German food at Pan Pacific Xiamen

    German foods are as varied and tempting as the country's landscapes. Pan Pacific Xiamen recently launched a new buffet theme -- "German food festival" — at its western restaurant, Caesar's on 3. The food festival features a wide variety of German cuisine, two kinds of German beer, freshly cut sashimi, southern Fujian cuisine, and other common buffet offerings including seafood, dessert, and a made-to-order food area.       The current net price is RMB 198 per person - RMB 82 cheaper than the original price. The event

Pan Pacific Xiamen's lunch buffet as low as RMB198 for 3

 Both Pan Pacific Xiamen's Chinese restaurant, Hai Tien Lo, and its western restaurant, Caesar's on 3, have launched special dining offers recently. Hai Tien Lo has nearly 100 dishes in total, and the restaurant features a low all-you-can-eat entry price of RMB 98 per person. Caesar's on 3 has launched a special buffet lunch at the great price of RMB 198 for two adults and one child under 1.4 meters in height. The special offer at Hai Tien Lo is available only till March 1st, and the special offer at Caesar's on 3 is available only till March 31st. Come out and savor a lavish meal with your

Low-calorie salads start at RMB 29 per portion at Pan Pacific Xiamen

The holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and Spring Festival — it's the time of year when we're around tons of tantalizing foods. That means weeks, months, or even an entire season of overeating. With that overeating comes weight gain. However, spring has come and summer is drawing near; it's time to lose weight! Pan Pacific Xiamen's The Lobby Bar is offering low-calorie salads that can help you achieve your weight loss goals! All the ingredients are light, refreshing, and there's a 50 per cent discount after 5 p.m. every

A big online sale on meals, spa, and rooms at Pan Pacific Xiamen

Pan Pacific Xiamen has announced a massive limited-time online sale offering huge discounts across a line of products including at its western and Chinese restaurants, spa, and rooms and suites. These special offers will last from now to November 11th, 2018 on the hotel's WeChat Mall. Find what you need and save big at this big Pan Pacific Xiamen sale. Christmas Eve dinner buffet at Caesar's on 3 (Diners have the chance to participate in a raffle drawing. The probability of winning a prize is 100 percent.) Date and time: December 24th, 2018 From 6:00 p.m. to 9:30

Pan Pacific Xiamen to hold 2018 spring wedding salon on April 22nd

The weather in Xiamen is gradually ramping up towards summer, but still only pleasantly warm, and spring flowers are fully in bloom, which means that wedding season is here! If you’re planning a wedding but need a little advice — what kind of wedding dress, hair style, or make-up you should choose, or for a host of other wedding-related questions — Pan Pacific Xiamen is planning the perfect event for you.   On April 22nd, the hotel will offer couples in the midst of wedding planning a special event that will include practical tips and suggestions for wedding

Pan Pacific Xiamen wins Phoenixweekly Lifestyle’s Best Business Hotel Award

Xiamen’s Pan Pacific Hotel recently won another major award — the “Best Business Hotel Award of 2017-2018” — at Phoenixweekly Lifestyle’s Travel Awards (2017-2018). The first Travel Awards event was held in 2017.   Phoenixweekly Lifestyle’s annual event is aimed at providing references and feedback for China's tourism industry, and providing more comprehensive and high-quality tourism information for the tourism industry and consumers.   The process of selecting the winners lasted eight months.

All-you-can-eat buffet from RMB 198 for 3 at Pan Pacific Xiamen

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is already halfway over, and Xiamen schools are nearly out for summer vacation. And now, just in time to celebrate the arrival of summer, Chinese yabby season is upon us! Come out and savor a lavish meal with your family in the comfortable environment at Pan Pacific Xiamen’s Caesar’s on 3.   The restaurant has launched a special buffet meal time at the great price of RMB 198 (buffet lunch)/RMB 296 (buffet dinner) for 2 adults and 1 child under 12 years old.   Buffet offerings include Chinese yabby, seafood, Japanese sushi and

Tie the Knot -- Summer Weddings at Pan Pacific Xiamen

  Summer brings the warmest weather and the brightest skies, and what better way to welcome it than with a vibrant summer wedding. Whether you’re looking to hold a dream wedding ceremony or a large reception, Pan Pacific Xiamen offers an array of wedding banquet packages and a big and deluxe venue -- the Diamond Grand Ballroom. The hotel is offering special summer wedding banquet prices and baby full-moon celebration banquets, as well as a number of generous special offers. Everything you've dreamed about could come true on your very special day at Pan Pacific Xiamen!

Savor buffet Singapore cuisine at Pan Pacific Xiamen's Singapore food festival

Starting from May 7th, 2018, Pan Pacific Xiamen is hosting a Singapore food festival at its Caesar’s on 3 western restaurant. The Singapore food festival will offer authentic Singaporean cuisine for Xiamen residents and visitors until May 31st. Two special offers and a raffle are also going on throughout the Festival! Dine at the food festival to be eligible to win a SilkAir round-trip ticket from Xiamen to Singapore!   Dishes available at the Singapore food festival: Wok Fried Crab with Black Pepper, Wok Fried Crab with Chili Sauce, Singapore Curry Fish, Bak

New all-you-can-eat dim sum at RMB98/person at Pan Pacific Xiamen

Pan Pacific Xiamen’s Chinese restaurant, Hai Tien Lo, has recently expanded its offerings with a wide variety of new authentic Cantonese dishes, making the restaurant a great place to savor dim sum in Xiamen. Today, there are nearly 100 dishes in total and the all-you-can-eat entry price is only RMB 98 per person. This special offer is available from now till April 30th, 2018!   Recommended new dishes     Deep-fried dough wrapped in steamed rice  This dish is a traditional Cantonese snack

Lunch set menus starting from RMB 58 at Caesar’s on 3

Are you tired of eating takeout at noon every weekday? Now, there’s a new choice for your midday refuel: Caesar’s on 3, Pan Pacific Xiamen’s western restaurant, has launched a new high-value set lunch including a staple food, a salad, a fruit platter, and a dessert. The price starts at RMB 58 per set. The set lunches are available for purchase from Monday through Friday. The restaurant has also launched a promotion featuring one free set lunch for media friends and a complimentary beverage for paying customers through the month of December. Caesar’s on 3 has

Vintage wedding fair at Pan pacific Xiamen this Sunday

  At 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 29th, 2017, Pan Pacific Xiamen will join hands with the International Fashion Organization to hold a vintage wedding-themed wedding fair on its second floor in the hotel’s Diamond Room (莹白宴会厅). The fair will feature vintage decorations, song and dance performances, an elegant qipao show, and a children’s performance. The show will seek to capture the refined feeling of a classic wedding. Cocktails, desserts, tea, and coffee will be available free. There will also be a wedding business display area and a

Wine & dine at Marble, the pride of Pan Pacific Xiamen

Wine has a long and storied history as an accompaniment to food. Pairing delicate dishes with wines in different flavors and vintages can enhance the dining experience. The main concept behind pairings lies in the matching of certain elements, such as texture and flavor, in both food and wine as they interact with each other. On October 27th and 28th, Marble, a western restaurant at Pan Pacific Xiamen, will host a delicate wine dinner both nights. The wine dinner costs RMB 588 per adult.        The meal includes sesame tuna and Cajun salmon served with green

Pan Pacific Xiamen, a favorite for media attending BRICS

  After the 2017 BRICS Summit came to a perfect termination, several hotels have reported their successful reception of the heads of state who attended the meeting. There are other hotels that participated in the BRICS Summit service team as well, such as Pan Pacific Xiamen, which received many famous domestic and overseas media members including NBC (National Broadcasting Company) and Bloomberg from America, HKS (Hong Kong Satellite TV) and Phoenix Satellite Television from China, the Brazilian Economic Newspaper from Brazil, and media from Russia, Egypt, and India, etc.

Western Exe. Chef of Pan Pacific Xiamen amongst China's top 50

  The Western Executive Chef of Pan Pacific Xiamen, Mr. David Zhou (周胜乾先生), was named one the '50 Most Outstanding Chefs for 2013’ in the 2013 ‘Chef par Excellence’ competition held by the New Western Cuisine Magazine. The 50 chefs achieved the highest scores of 187 participants hailing from all around China in the preliminary round and are to compete for the “China’s Chef par Excellence” title in the finals. Their culinary masterpieces are as appealing to the eye as the palate and their innovative recipes fully