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China to build own 'polar icebreaker' to strengthen polar research

China is set to build a giant research vessel, known as a 'polar icebreaker' which will be capable of circumnavigating and penetrating the polar icecaps.        The ship will be launched in 2013, according to "People.com.cn" which cited the Global Chinese Broadcasting Cooperation. The new icebreaker, yet to be named, will go on polar scientific expeditions along with the Xuelong, or "the Snow Dragon", China's current icebreaker, which was made in the Ukraine.       China's current

China's 4th Arctic expedition team departs for North Pole from Xiamen

  China’s 4th Arctic expedition team Xuelong (Snow Dragon) icebreaker from Shanghai arrived in Xiamen yesterday afternoon for an arctic region science popularization activity. After that on 1st July, the icebreaker will depart for Arctic for scientific research from Xiamen.   According to the press conference held on 26th June, their main task this time is to investigate the atmosphere, sea ice and ocean which associated with the wide rage of sea ice melting, under the mechanism of Arctic sea ice rapid change and its impact on Arctic marine ecological

Arctic-bound icebreaker "Snow Dragon" to depart from Xiamen on July 1

The icebreaker "Snow Dragon" is set to carry over a hundred Chinese scientists to the North Pole for scientific expedition from Xiamen.   Over a hundred Chinese scientists will set sail to the Arctic on July 1, the fourth such expedition of its kind, to study changes in ice surface and its effects on the environment, the State Oceanic Administration said Saturday. A group of 122 scientists, logistics staff, and reporters will participate in the 85-day research project aboard the icebreaker "Snow Dragon," the