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Scan QR code to WeChat pay Xiamen BRT with mobile phones

Passengers who take Xiamen BRT buses no longer need to buy tokens on site or top up their E-tong cards in advance. A new solution — the "QR Code for the Xiamen BRT"/厦门BRT乘车码 — is now available for WeChat users. It allows passengers to enter BRT stations by scanning the "QR Code for the Xiamen BRT" at turnstiles. Where to get the QR Code for the Xiamen BRT?   1 Using WeChat, set your location to your current city — Xiamen 2 Open up "Tencent Riding QR Code"/腾讯乘车码 3 Authorize payment without

How to use Didi Dache app to hail a taxi in Xiamen

        Flailing arms and mad dashes across the street in an effort to flag down a taxi have become an ever-increasing sight in Chinese cities including Xiamen, making mobile taxi-hailing applications ever more popular. In the midst of taxi reform, smartphone booking apps like Didi Dache ( 嘀嘀打车) and Kuaidi Dache (快的打车) have become popular in the market recently. The two Chinese taxi booking mobile apps for smartphones have been heating up their battle backed by internet giants Tencent and Alipay. Didi, indicates the