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UK man Graham Nield, 55, proposes to partner moments after winning £6.6m jackpot

Popping the question: Graham Nield finally successfully proposed to Amanda Vickers when the couple scooped the Lottery jackpot of £6.6million   Lost his nerve: Mr Nield said he had tried to propose on previous occasions but kept losing his nerve   Icing on the cake: Ms Vickers said she's more excited about getting married than winning the money   A lottery winner has finally found the courage to pop the question to his long-term partner moments after finding out he had scooped a £6.6 million jackpot.

UK man Paul Inman, 30, killed by 3-litre-a-day cola habit

Flat: Paul Inman, 30, who lived at this care home in Haworth, West Yorkshire, would go out to buy the fizzy drink up to three times a day - and would also down glasses of water to quench his apparent thirst   Drinking: The huge quantities of cola and other drinks caused his lungs to swell to four times the normal weight   Mr Inman lived in a flat at Three Sisters Care Home in Haworth, where he was found dead in his bedroom by care worker Becky Earwaker, who was checking on him one morning in March 2012.  He was discovered face down on his bed with his glasses folded by his

UK Cowcliffe Stores owner Gurmail Singh dies, head smashed by bottle

The court heard Mr Singh was killed after he refused to hand over his "hard-earned money" to the men   Mr Singh bought Cowcliffe Convenience Stores about five years ago   Two men have been jailed for life for murdering a shopkeeper during a robbery at his village store in West Yorkshire.   Gurmail Singh was hit over the head with bottles of wine from the shelves of Cowcliffe Convenience Stores in Cowcliffe, Huddersfield, in February.   Huddersfield men Muawaz Khalid and Nabeel Shafi were previously convicted of murder at Bradford