Xiamen University

Where to buy art supplies in Xiamen

  Whether you are a student, designer, artist, or an art lover, these are the places to get all the art supplies you need for the task at hand. WOX has provided a list of art supplies stores in Xiamen for your reference.   1. Huada Art Materials (华达美术用品)   1) Hexiang Store Address: No. 267-11, Fanrong Guangchang, Hexiang Xi Road, Xiamen /厦门市禾祥西路繁荣广场267-11号 Tel: 0592-2234952 Fax: 0592-2231763    Opening hours: 09:00-20:00   2) Shangli Store Address: Shop 102, No.508, Long hu

Taiwan Tsann Kuen to build 'world's largest oil painting base' in Xiamen

 The annual output value of Xiamen’s oil painting industry has exceeded one billion yuan   Tsann Kuen Group, Taiwan's largest electronics chain store in terms of annual sales, reportedly plans to build a large-scale creative culture park in Xiamen, according to Taihainet.com.   It is reported that the old plant of Tsann Kuen, which is located near Xinlong Road in Huli District, will be reused for the project.   The 57,000-square-meter creative culture park, according to the initial plan of Tsann Kuen Group, will include a professional

Artists' heaven - Haicang Oil Painting Village

Xiamen has a strong industry advantage in commercial oil painting. The city has two main manufacturing bases - Wushipu Oil Painting Village and Haicang Oil Painting Village.   Wushipu Oil Painting Village, located in Huli District, has been named as "the second of the world oil painting industry base" and "the second batch of national cultural (art) industry base" by the China artist association and the culture property department of Culture Ministry.   As another main manufacturing base of oil painting, Xiamen Haicang Oil Painting Village