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New BRT interchange station to be built on south end of Jimei Bridge

Jimei Bridge in Xiamen     A new BRT interchange station is expected to be built on the south end of the Jimei Bridge in the near future, according to reports. With a total investment of RMB 548.6 million, the new BRT station will cover 24,316 square meters. Upon its completion, there will be 66 bus parking spaces in the station. In addition, there will also be 210 underground car parking spaces. Aiming to provide easy access to public transportation for urban residents, the Xiamen Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) was opened on August 31, 2008. As the first elevated BRT

Xiamen to install X-ray scanners at BRT stations, improve fire safety

  X-ray baggage scanners will be introduced to all the BRT stations in Xiamen in the near future, said Chen Ruifen, an official at Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau who is in charge of the city’s public transport security, on Thursday. Besides that, fire-pump rooms and outdoor fire hydrants will be built along the elevated BRT highway, and small foam fire trucks and fire-extinguishing water tankers will be deployed at the No. 1 Port and Qianpu BRT hubs to enhance the fire fighting and rescue abilities of the BRT system, said Mrs. Chen. Emergency ramps will

E-Tong Card purchase & recharging services available in 30 BRT stations

  Xiamen has recently launched E-Tong Card purchase and recharghing services in 30 BRT stations, meaning that citizens now can buy or put more money on their E-Tong cards at any BRT station on Xiamen Island as well as a further 11 stations off the island. Xiamen launched recharging services in an additional 21 BRT stations on 17th September. As of now, people in the city are able to purchase or recharge their E-Tong cards at 30 BRT stations, including 19 on Xiamen Island. E-Tong Card (E-通卡), an electronic payment card issued by the Xiamen E-Tong Card Co. Ltd., is widely

E-Tong Card purchase & top-up services available in 9 Xiamen BRT stations

  Xiamen E-Tong Card   Following the recharging service, Xiamen launched the E-Tong Card purchase service in 9 main BRT stations on 1st February. E-Tong Card (e通卡), an electronic payment card issued by the Xiamen E-Tong Card Co. Ltd, is widely used in many of Xiamen’s public transportation services like the BRT, public buses, ferries, taxies, and micro payments in some supermarkets, hospitals and recreation venues. People can now purchase or recharge E-Tong Cards in 9 BRT stations including NO.1 Port Station(第一码头站), Douxi Lu

Xiamen pilots bus queuing program in BRT stations

Xiamen has launched bus queuing pilot program in some BRT stations.   Following a successful testing phase in 10 bus stations, Xiamen has piloted a bus queuing program in some BRT stations. As a popular public transportation system in the city, Xiamen BRT sees an average daily passenger volume of 260,000, with swarms of passengers flooding into every bus station during rush hour. The bus queuing pilot program seeks to ease the overcrowding on platforms and avoid passengers pushing and shoving to get on or off buses. Several volunteers will assist in guiding

Ring the bell for service: Xiamen pilots service bell on BRT stations

  Next time you have any problem at a BRT station, press the service button and a worker will come to your service. The Xiamen BRT company has recently installed many service bells on the BRT stations in an effort to better serve passengers. The service bells are placed near the entrance of the stations and both sides of the platform with an eye-catching blue signboard that says “Press the bell when you need help, we will serve you wholeheartedly.” A worker told a reporter the system is still in the testing phase, and is expected to be officially put into use in