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Scan QR code to WeChat pay Xiamen BRT with mobile phones

Passengers who take Xiamen BRT buses no longer need to buy tokens on site or top up their E-tong cards in advance. A new solution — the "QR Code for the Xiamen BRT"/厦门BRT乘车码 — is now available for WeChat users. It allows passengers to enter BRT stations by scanning the "QR Code for the Xiamen BRT" at turnstiles. Where to get the QR Code for the Xiamen BRT?   1 Using WeChat, set your location to your current city — Xiamen 2 Open up "Tencent Riding QR Code"/腾讯乘车码 3 Authorize payment without

Xiamen puts 3 more new BRT stations into use in 2018

  Xiamen BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) has been one of the most popular public transport options in Xiamen since its debut in 2008. Currently, there are six operational BRT lines in Xiamen. In 2018, three new stations — Wenta Station/文塔站, Tong'an Interchange Station/同安枢纽站, and Gaoqi Airport Interchange Station/高崎机场枢纽站 — are expected to be put into service. The BRT stations will accept WeChat and Alipay payment for passengers' convenience. According to the Xiamen Public Transport Group, Gaoqi Airport Interchange

Eating or drinking no longer allowed in Xiamen BRT

  According to the Xiamen BRT Group, Xiamen's BRT Line 3 has begun a pilot project promoting a "no eating or drinking" rule on its buses. Commuters on BRT Line 3 buses, a busy BRT line between the Xiamen No. 1 Port and Qianpu Station, are reminded of the new rule by drivers and clearly visible signs onboard. Currently, BRT Line 3 handles about 90,000 commuters daily. It is expected to be a demonstration line for other BRT lines in piloting the new rule with the goal of improving sanitation on BRT buses. In April of last year, the city of Xiamen began a pilot

Xiamen's 1st bike-dedicated path under BRT to put into trial run on Jan. 26

The bike-dedicated path is scheduled to put into trial run from January 26th.   The construction on the bike-dedicated path beneath BRT has been completed on January 20th this year. It is scheduled to create a brand new bicycling experience for Xiamen residents during its trial run from January 26th to February 26th. Open hours: 6:30 a.m.~10:30 p.m. Here are some highlights of the bicycle path: > Anti-slip coating > 1.5-meter-tall white guardrail > Intelligent transport system at entrance and exit outlets to bar motor vehicles >

Xiamen BRT self-service ticket machines put into trial run

  Self-service ticket machines were put into service at three BRT stations, namely Si Bei Station/思北站, Lian Ban Station/莲坂站, and Shi Zheng Fu Wu Zhong Xin Station/市政服务中心站. The machines allow commuters to purchase tickets on site or via their mobile phones. But the self-service machines are Chinese-only at this time.   If the trial run proves convenient for commuters, all BRT stations are expected to install self-service ticket machines in 2017.   Click here for a guide to using the self-help

Xiamen's 1st elevated bike path beneath BRT to debut before CNY

    Construction on the first elevated bike path beneath BRT is expected to be finished before 2017 Chinese New Year which falls in next January. Several road sections will be affected due to the construction, including Yunding Zhong Road/云顶中路 and Yunding Bei Road/云顶北路. The construction at intersection of Yunding Zhong Road and Lianqian Dong Road/莲前东路 will mainly take place from midnight to 6 a.m. in the second half of November. In a bid to promote the public bikes in town, more bicycle paths on the ground will be built along Xiamen

Xiamen BRT Line 7 put into service during rush hours

  Xiamen BRT Line 7, which aims to ease large passenger flow between Hongwen Station (洪文站) and Kai He Lu Kou Station (开禾路口站) was put into operation on March 14th. 12 buses which is18 meters long each were put into service for the newly launched route. They only run during rush hours (7 a.m.-9 a.m.; 5 p.m.-7 p.m.).     The BRT Line 6 which links Qianpu Interchange Station (前埔枢纽站) and Xiamen North Railway Station (厦门北站) was put into service in January this year. BRT Line 1 A: No.1 Port (第一码头) to

A guide to Xiamen BRT (updated)

  Xiamen BRT Line 6, a new BRT line linking Qianpu Interchange Station (前埔枢纽站) and Xiamen North Railway Station (厦门北站), is scheduled to be put into service on January 31st. Additionally, BRT Line 7, which aims to ease large passenger flow between Hongwen Station (洪文站) and Kai He Lu Kou Station (开禾路口站) is expected to be put into opeartion in the first half of this year.   Major changes   1.  New BRT lines BRT Line 6 (13 stops) Operating hours: 6:10 a.m. - 9:15 p.m., a bus ervery five minutes during

Safety check machines put into trial operation in 2 Xiamen BRT stations

      Two safety check machines were put into trial operation at Qianpu BRT Station and Xiamen North Railway Station on October 5th. But whether all BRT stations will be equipped with the safety check machines instead of "inefficient and annoying" manual safety checks is still under discussion.   Passengers carrying bags or luggage have to undergo safety checks via a Safety Check Machine Channel. Other passengers can enter the station via a self-help channel without checks.   It’s the Xiamen BRT Group’s

Xiamen BRT faces criticism over annoying and inefficient safety checks

    As one of the main public transportation options in Xiamen, the bus rapid transit (BRT) manages enormous passenger flow every day. It's common to see long queues of passengers in front of BRT stations. The experience of taking the BRT has been made worse by "annoying and inefficient" safety checks carried out by so-called security guards on passengers as they enter the BRT stations.      "It's time wasting and inefficient. I had to wait for about 40 minutes at the BRT station in front of Xiamen North Railway Station just

Police car to patrol on Xiamen BRT bridges for serious emergencies

    A police car with armed police officers starts patrolling BRT bridges in Xiamen starting August 14.     The patrol car will only respond to serious emergencies that disrupt the normal operation of the BRT system, and is equipped with four armed police officers, as well as a set of emergency tools including lifesaving equipment, window-breaking equipment, inspection equipment and police stop sticks armed with tyre-piercing nails. The police officers are also armed with sub-machine guns, Beretta 92 pistols and

Xiamen’s transport to undergo a series of changes from August

    Xiamen’s transportation system is scheduled to undergo a series of changes starting from this August. The changes will include BRT buses, public bikes, bullet trains and main roads in Xiamen.    BRT Line 5 (Qianpu-Tong’an; 23 stops, full-journey fare of RMB 4)     The new BRT line will be put into service on August 1, linking Qianpu BRT Station with Tong’an Junction Station. Running hours: (6:10 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.) A bus every 15 minutes during peak hours and a bus roughly every 16 to 30 minutes during normal

New ramp bridge to link Xiamen BRT Line 3 to outlying districts

The Xiamen BRT system was opened in September 2008 with 3 lines.      According to the latest plan for the renovation project along the BRT lines, construction on a ramp near Jiashenghao Garden, a residential community on Xiamen Island, has been completed.     The new ramp is a two-way elevated bridge with designed speed of 50km/h, linking Lianqian Dong Road with Yunding Zhong Road.    It is part of the renovation of the BRT lines in Xiamen, which also includes firefighting facilities, station monitoring, the Zhonglun Park

Xiamen launches 3-month maintenance on BRT bridges

One lane of the two-way BRT bridges will be closed for maintenance, but the maintenance will avoid working during the rush hours so as to not cause large disruptions in traffic on the BRT    According to Xiamen BRT Group, maintenance on the BRT bridges was launched on November 24th and is expected to be finished in February next year.    The maintenance will be divided into 7 road sections and will last about 90 days, which will see daily maintenance from 9am to 4:30pm, according to a responsible person at the Xiamen BRT Corporation.    One lane

BRT buses can run from Qianpu to Xiamen's mainland districts starting Dec

After the opening of the ramp bridge near Jiashenghao Garden, passengers can take BRT buses directly from Qianpu to the mainland districts of Xiamen.      The construction of 2 ramp bridges near Jiashenghao Garden and Zhonglun Park is expected to be finished at the end of this month, according to reports.   After the opening of the ramp bridge near Jiashenghao Garden, passengers can take BRT buses directly from Qianpu to the mainland districts of Xiamen. At present, all the three BRT lines have their terminal stations at the No.1 Port Terminal