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8 special bus lanes planned on Xiamen Island

The local public transportation department held a public meeting on Saturday, July 25 to unveil a proposed dedicated bus lane project on Xiamen Island. The project includes four east-to-west bus lanes and four north-to-south bus lanes: 1. Hubinnan Road and Lianqian Road 2. Dongdu Road and Hubinxi Road 3. Hubinbei Road and Lvling Road 4. Huli Avenue 5. Xianyue Road 6. Jiahe Road 7. Jinshang Road 8. Jinshan Road After completion, the new lanes will speed up bus services by 30 percent during rush hour. The first phase of the project will be Hubinnan Road and

Xiamen to pilot bus lanes and add 200 new buses this year

Xiamen plans to pilot bus lanes on Jinshan Road, Jinshang Road, Huli Avenue and Xianyue Road to improve bus speed during rush hours   The city is planning to pilot bus lanes on 4 arterial roads on Xiamen Island and add 200 new buses this year to further improve the bus network on Xiamen Island and expand the bus coverage in mainland districts. According to the plan, Xiamen will set up ‘two vertical and two horizontal bus lanes’ on Xiamen Island to improve bus speed during rush hours. The bus lanes will be first piloted on Jinshan Road, Jinshang

Xiamen plans to set up bus lanes on arterial roads & add public bicycles

   The city is currently planning to set up bus lanes on arterial roads and add public bicycles at main bus stations to increase bus speeds during rush hours and encourage people to use environmentally friendly transportation methods, reports Xiamen Daily. According to the report, the bus lanes could be first piloted on Jinshan Road, Jinshang Road, Huli Avenue and Xianyue Road where the inner lanes will be reserved for buses, and bus stations like that of the BRT stations will be built. The passengers can use the zebra crossings and overpasses to reach the bus stations.

Xiamen plans to resume Bus Lanes & build a 'Bus City'

Xiamen public buses (file photo)   Xiamen is planning a “Bus City” scheme to further develop public buses and give them more privileges in an effort to curb the rapid growth of private cars and smooth the traffic, reported Strait Herald Monday.   One of the measure put forwarded in the scheme is to regain the Bus Lanes from private cars. Xiamen has planned some bus lanes on Hubin South Road and other roads before, but it’s not long before it found that the bus lanes were occupied by private cars and other unauthorized vehicles. The scheme aims to restore