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International Enrollment at Xiamen City University

    Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management  (Aircraft Maintenance)     Goals:  Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management (Aircraft Maintenance) aims to foster high-caliber skilled talents with a good command of the professional knowledge and vocational skills necessary for the positions of aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance. The graduates are expected to be eligible for aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance and repair, routine maintenance,

Xiamen graduate crowned winner of Miss Universe China's Xiamen stop

Chen Jingchao, a 21-year-old from Fuqing city, claimed first prize on the same day that she graduated from Xiamen City University.     Miss Universe China is an annual national beauty pageant that since 2002 has selected China's representative to the Miss Universe pageant. On July 5, the final round of the city-wide contest was held in Jimei district. Ten beautiful young women competed as finalists of Xiamen area. Among then, the top three competitors -- Chen Jingchao, Hong Xiaomei and Shi Jingyi -- were granted direct access to the Fujian regional finals. A

Xiamen City University to cultivate special talents for subway development

  A total of 49 freshmen who majored in electromechanical device maintenance registered at the Xiamen City University on September 16th. This group will be specifically cultivated for the development of the subway in Xiamen. According to a preliminary agreement between the Xiamen City University and the Xiamen Rail Transit Group, this group of students, made up of 10 girls and 39 boys, will be engaged in subway-related jobs, including fire protection and security monitoring of rail transit, equipment installation, technical services and station management. In

Xiamen City University won the University Cup Sailing Competition

Xiamen City University won the 1st place     After 2 days' competition, the curtain for the 1st "University Cup" Sailing Competition has fallen successfully at Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock. In the competition, the sailing team from Xiamen City University stayed in 1st place all the time in the 6 rounds of competition, and finally won the competition. Though Xiamen University tried their best catching Xiamen City University, they came off as second best, Xiamen Ocean Vocational College won third place. The list of 4th to