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Major progress to be made with public transports in Xiamen

  Xiamen Metro Line 2 According to the latest progress report released by the Xiamen Government, Xiamen Metro Line 2 is expected to be put into trial operation by the end of 2019. The new line will have a total length of 41.5 kilometers and 32 stations, and will link the east coast of Xiamen Island with the Dongdu area, Haicang CBD, and Maluan New Town. 32 stations along Metro Line 2: Wuyuan Bay Station/五缘湾站 – South Wuyuan Bay Station/五缘湾南站 – Wetland Park Station/湿地公园站– Gaolin Station/高林站 –

Added amenities for Xiamen Train Station & Xiamen North Station

WiFi Free wifi service was put into trial operation at both Xiamen Railway Station and Xiamen North Railway Station. Search for “车站免费WiFi”, and you can enjoy free WiFi without typing in any information.   WiFi bandwidth: 200M Rate: 25mb/s Capacity: 7,000 users at the same time   New channel at Xiamen Railway Station A new one-way road “Zhan Dong Er Road”/站东二路 from Zhan Nan Road/站南路 to Xiahe Road/厦禾路 is expected to be put into service at Xiamen Railway Station by the end of

Fujian's largest interactive 3D art exhibition to open in Xiamen

  People are quite familiar with various 3D art exhibitions, but an upcoming exhibition in Xiamen North Railway Station will make the 3D art paintings more striking.     Covering an area of 2,000 square meters, the multidimensional interactive art exhibition is scheduled to open on October 1 and will continue until March of 2016.   Many themes will be featured in the exhibition, including an Underwater World, a Funny Beach, an Amazing Forest, an Animal World and a Fantasy Sky.   Visitors can enjoy a new, interactive photo-taking

Xiamen North Railway Station implements 8-minute ban on temporary stop

    Drivers picking up or dropping passengers off from Xiamen North Railway Station, who make temporary stops at timed parking zones, have to adhere to the station's 8-minute ban or they will be fined. Under the new ban, offending drivers who make temporary stops at the arrival or departure pick-up/drop-off points for more than 8 minutes at the station will face fines. The new ban was launched on August 17th and is currently in effect. Last year, the station adopted a "leave without stop" regulation from Xiamen airport, but most of the offenders were just

Xiamen North Railway Station to add 16 pairs of bullet trains from July 1

Xiamen Railway will launch a new train operation diagram on July 1, and sixteen pairs of bullet trains will be put into service at Xiamen North Railway Station.    Of the planned bullet trains, the route numbers of fifteen pairs will start with the letter “G,” and one will start will the letter “D”.    The newly added G-initialed bullet trains will depart for nine destinations, including Wuyishan, Hefei, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Changsha and Guiyang. The new D-initialed bullet trains will depart for

Xiamen to build new expressway to link North Station and Tong'an District

Xiamen will build a new expressway soon to boost the development of industry and tourism in Tong’an District. The new expressway will link the Xiamen North Railway Station and Guhu Village in Tong’an District.    With planned investment of 990 million yuan, the 6.58-kilometer expressway will have a designed speed of 60km/hour, and the construction is expected to be completed by the end of December 2016.    The new expressway is expected to ease traffic pressure on National Expressway No. 324, which links Jimei and Tong’an districts.

North square of Xiamen Railway Station to open in late 2015

According to the local transportation department, the north square and the north station of the Xiamen Railway Station are expected to be put into operation by the end of 2015. Meanwhile, the construction of the north square of the Xiamen North Railway Station is expected to be completed in late 2015. Due to the construction of the advanced railway network, the passenger flow of Xiamen Railways reached a record high during the 2015 Spring Festival. Parts of the Xiamen Railway Station and a temporary waiting hall set up at the south square of the Xiamen Railway Station were put into

31 pairs of trains to depart from Xiamen Railway Station starting Feb 4

31 pairs of trains will depart from Xiamen Railway Station starting from February 2015, which has 80% of its renovation project completed     According to Strait News, 31 pairs of trains will depart from Xiamen Railway Station starting from February 2015, which has 80% of its renovation project completed. The renovations began in March of this year. Passengers of those trains can get on the trains at the Xiamen Railway Station, without having to take the time-consuming trip to Xiamen North Railway Station in Jimei District.    The 31 pairs of trains

Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station adds 14 pairs of trains

     China implemented a new train operation diagram today. The number of bullet trains that will be handled at Xiamen North Railway Station has now reached 100 pairs of trains and the Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station has launched an additional 14 pairs of trains.     The Xiamen-Changchun through train service, which is Xiamen’s first through train service to Changchun, was launched at 9:30am at the Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station today with a maximum operating speed of 160km/h and a passenger capacity of 841.    The main changes

Xiamen to launch first through train service to Changchun on December 10

China will implement a new train operation diagram starting on December 10th this year. Xiamen will have its first through train service to Changchun and more bullet trains will be added to run on Xiamen-Shenzhen HSR. Xiamen-Changchun through train service Trains Z104/1, Z102/3 will be put into service for the new Xiamen-Changchun service, and the whole journey will take about 27 hours when departing from Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station. The new train service will make its way via Quanzhou, Putian, Sanming, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Jiujiang, Fuyang, Heze, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Suizhong,

Renovation project of Xiamen Railway Station in full swing

The renovation project of the Xiamen Railway Station is now in full swing     Xiamen has pushed forward the reconstruction and expansion of the Xiamen Railway Station to better cope with the surging passenger flow. The renovation project of the Xiamen Railway Station is now in full swing, according to reports. The project includes the construction of a South Station Building, a South Square, a North Station Building, a North Square and other supporting projects. The new Xiamen Railway Station has been designed to be shaped like a flying egret. New

7 law enforcement officers assaulted by 20 men at Xiamen N. Railway Station

The illegal cab was quickly driven away by one of the men after the attack     On September 2nd, seven law enforcement officers trying to detain an illegal cab driver near Xiamen North Railway Station were beaten up by over 20 men. Since July this year, this incident is the third case of violent resistance against law enforcement near the railway station.   Illegal cabs are rampant around Xiamen North Railway Station, especially after the Xiamen Railway Station closed for renovation early in March this year. Of the 7 law enforcement officers, 5 of them were

Xiamen to add Xiamen-Changsha bullet trains in September

    The Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway is scheduled to open in the near future, with its Nanchang-Changshang section expected to open around August 30. After the opening of the railway line, a pair of bullet trains running between Xiamen and Changsha will be added as the first pair of through-trains running between the two cities. With a total length of 2,264 kilometers, the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway will be the longest rail line linking east and west China. The 348.85 km-long Nanchang-Changshang railway section will start from West Nanchang

Construction of North Square to begin at Xiamen North Railway Station

As a most effective solution for the traffic congestion near Xiamen North Railway Station, the construction of the railway’s North Square is expected to start next year     According to reports, Xiamen BRT Line 1 buses are often trapped in heavy traffic 200 meters before reaching the Xiamen North Railway Station, attracting high attention from the Xiamen government.    Mr. Huang Qiang, deputy mayor of Xiamen, urged effective measures be put in place to improve the traffic conditions within the area during a seminar held on August

Part of bullet train operations still suspended in Xiamen over Typhoon Matmo

Xiamen North Railway Station     Typhoon Matmo made landfall in Fujian's Fuqing city on the afternoon of July 23 and brought heavy rainfall and strong winds to many cities in Fujian and Zhejiang.   According to the Xiamen Meteorological Observatory, heavy rainfall and strong winds brought by Typhoon Matmo are expected to last until July 25. Up to 7:00pm on July 23, a total of 128 bullet trains were confirmed to be suspended operations on July 24 for safety reasons, and bullet trains D3274, D3118 and D3120 will be shut down on July 25.