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Xiamen issues 10,000 multipurpose 'travel passports'

  Xiamen travel passports   Recently, the Xiamen Tourism Bureau issued 10,000 multipurpose "travel passports", which can be used in Xiamen's landmark attractions, the Voice of Strait reported on 25th Jan 2011. The "passport" integrates multi-functions including travel guidebooks, souvenirs, discount coupons and incentive travel. It bears images of Xiamen's 12 landmark attractions, like sight-seeing buses, Huandao Road, Xiamen University, Hi Heaven Villa on Gulangyu Island and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park, etc. These

Xiamen University opens course on breast aesthetics

Xiamen University in southeast China's Fujian Province has recently opened an eyebrow-raising optional course on the unusual subject of breast aesthetics. A total of 110 students selected the course when it was first introduced. Now the audience has increased to 120, 10 percent of whom are male students. Professor Ouyang Zhong, who is also the director of the Breast Surgery Department of No. 1 Hospital of Xiamen, said he opened the lecture series in the hope that the students can acquire knowledge on issues affecting breasts and prevent breast diseases. "During the

Xiamen University offers diving course for students

Students practice diving skills. (Photo: Wechat account of Xiamen University)   Students at Xiamen University are being offered a course in a unique and awesome subject - diving. Sounds fun, but there's a serious side to it too. The aim is to cultivate the next generation oceanographers. The course at Xiamen University caught the attention of netizens after details were published on the university's official Weibo account. The University's College of Ocean and Earth Sciences for Seafloor Investigations started offering the optional diving lessons in

Xiamen University students turn typhoon-thrashed trees into art works

Miniature landscapes and paintings on wood are among some 150 works of art created using trees damaged by Typhoon Meranti after the storm landed in east China's Xiamen City in September. They are the result of a student-led campaign to turn fallen trees into works of art. Pictures of the art went viral on Chinese social media this week. An online auction of the student art is expected to be held next week, and preparations for an online shop to sell wooden crafts are under way, according to Huang Yuxia, deputy party chief of the architecture school of Xiamen University and one of the

Guides to Xiamen's new gigantic lookout point, some dos & don'ts

  The newly-built lookout station near picturesque Yanwu Bridge opened to the public for free on July 15th. The lookout provides a stunning view of the sea, Gulangyu Island, and the scenery near Xiamen University.       Here is a guide for your reference if you plan to visit the lookout.   Three Entrances     he big lookout station is connected to three newly-built walking paths as follows: No. 1 Entrance: Near Xiamen Shimao Cross-strait Plaza (or the Sibling Towers)/世贸海峡大厦 No. 2 Entrance:

Tourists to be banned from Siming campus of XMU on May 1st

  According to an official announcement from Xiamen University, the school’s Siming campus will ban tourists from visiting on May 1st for an alumni reunion celebration.   An evening party featuring many celebrated singers will be held at the quarter-moon-shaped field on campus. The party will start at 7:30 p.m. on May 1st.       Meanwhile, trial traffic control measures near the south gate of Xiamen University were launched on April 27th, in which vehicles (except for public buses, sightseeing buses, and taxis) are banned

XMU south gate to be closed for “history recall” project near Baicheng area

  A new tourist attraction along Huandao Road (Xiamen’s coastal ring road), will be built as part of the “history recall” renovation project near the Xiada Baicheng area.   The project, which will cover a construction area of 6,040 square meters, will include the renovation of an existing supermarket and the south gate of Xiamen University.   The project also includes the construction of a new comprehensive building that will feature Minnan (Southern Fujianese) architecture style. The new building will be located just to the north

Xiamen University to set up Traditional Film Museum

Library of Xiamen University's Xiang'an campus   Covering about 4,000 sq m, the newly planned Traditional Film Museum featuring photographic films will be set up on the 8th floor in library of Xiamen University’s Xiang’an campus.   The museum is designed to show the development of traditional films made of photographic films, from filmmaking to projection.   Ray Jiing   The museum’s plan was inspired and supported by Mr. Ray Jiing, who is a professor of Tainan National University of the Arts. In 2010, the professor,

Journalist Jia Jia's recent remarks about XMU stir heated debate

After a recent visit to Xiamen University in East China's Fujian province, journalist Jia Jia wrote that universities should not limit the number of daily visitors, contending that a good university should have an open campus. This has sparked a heated debate. Comments:   Some say Western universities are without walls and open to all visitors. That's not true. In Cambridge, for example, the university is distributed across town but its colleges are surrounded by walls, and some of them charge an entry fee.   In China, some universities have tried to be open to all but

Tree-climbing competition held in Xiamen University

A photo shows a competitor is climbing trees in Xiamen University on November 14, 2015. [Photo: Xinhua]    A spectacular tree-climbing competition kicks off Sunday in Xiamen University in southeastern China's Fujian province. The game attracted 60 teachers and students on campus.   The winner will compete in Hong Kong, which founded a tree climbing association in 2007.   "I think tree-climbing is more fashionable and has more fun comparing with basketball, football and other traditional sports," said Sun Zhaokang, a junior

23-year-old XMU graduate still missing 3 days after falling overboard

Graduated from Xiamen University with a degree in journalism, 23-year-old Sai Jun was the crew’s bowman and navigator.   Sai Jun worked with China state CCTV as a cameraman before becoming a full-time sailor.     A sailor on the first Chinese-crewed yacht to qualify for the Sydney-Hobart race is still missing three days after falling overboard.   Sai Jun, a crew member aboard the Ark323 of Noah’s Sailing Club (NSC), was swept overboard from the boat when sailing near the Vietnamese coast at 23:50 local time on October 25th.

XMU makes list of Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Xiamen University      Xiamen University has moved into a spot in the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings, confirming its rise among universities worldwide. Xiamen University was in the 401 to 500 group in the 2015 to 2016 Times Higher Education ranking of 800 institutions, winning a place for the first time since the publication began 12 years ago. The 2015 to 2016 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings were unveiled live from the University of Melbourne, Australia, on October 10. This year's rankings were the

Xiamen University to lift full tourist ban starting September 14

Starting on December 17, 2012, Xiamen University launched an effort to limit the numbers of tourists entering its campus.      Xiamen University implemented a full tourist ban this year, which was scheduled to last from August 23 to September 13. The ban took effect at the university's Siming campus, and was scheduled to coincide with first-year students' military training.    During the tourist ban period, no tourists have been permitted to visit the campus. But some tourists have still tried to enter the campus grounds.    In a

Xiamen University to implement full tourist ban for opening of new semester

     According to a new management notice issued by the Xiamen University on Wednesday, a full tourist ban will be implemented at the Siming campus from August 23rd to September 13th as the university embraces the new semester. Military training for Xiamen University freshmen will also be held at the Siming campus this year. A total of 5,000 students will take part in the military training on campus. The University will revert to its normal policy from September 14th, in which tourists are not allowed to enter its Siming campus from Monday to Friday, with

Xiamen University Malaysia Campus aims for world-class status

     The Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUMC) is slated to open its doors to students early next year. Xiamen University is the first renowned Chinese university to set up an overseas campus. Xiamen University Malaysia Campus president-designate Professor Wang Rui Fang says the institution aims to become a university with a distinct global outlook, featuring first-class teaching and research and embracing cultural diversity. "The vision and mission of this campus will be different from the parent university as we're going abroad. We have a