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Le Meridien Xiamen's special weekend package for families

    A complete journey with delightful food and art-inspired accommodation in Le Meridien Xiamen is the promise this five-star hotel, which is tucked away in lush Xianyue Mountain, offers to refresh every guest on their journey. This special hotel is now inviting you to enjoy a perfect stay in its Deluxe Room at RMB 755 per night (the special rate is subject to a 15% service charge). Benefits include: •      Complimentary breakfast for 2 adults and one child under 12 years old •     

6th Earth God Cultural Festival on Mt. Xueling instead of Xianyue

Earth God Temple on Xiamen Xianyue Mountain   The statue of Earth God or Tu Di Gong in the temple   Earth God or Tu Di Gong is a deity worshipped by many Chinese, with many keeping small shrines with his image. In China, every village has a shrine to Tu Di Gong, willing the god to bring them wealth and wellbeing.   Halfway up Xiamen Xianyue Mountain, there is an ancient Earth God Temple built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It has enjoyed increasing popularity among worshipers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait after its renovation in 2008, and has become a