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Xiamen launches micro-electronic bus stop boards

  The rest of the bus stations are undergoing equipment installation now, and major bus stations such as the the Bingnan Coach Station, the Wucun Bus Station, the Yizhong Station, and the Cruise Transport Hub are expected to be equipped with micro-electronic bus stop boards before the May Day holiday     The first batch of micro-electronic bus stop boards have been put into service in key transportation hubs in Xiamen, at places such as the Xiamen Railway Station Transportation Hub and the Fanghu Transport Center Station, according to the Xiamen Public

Xiamen pilots smart electronic bus stop boards in Haicang District

  The first batch of 20 smart electronic bus stop boards has recently been put into trial operations in the mainland Haicang District. Different from the usual bus stop boards, those electronic bus stop boards come with a LED screen next to the bus line info to show in real-time how many stops your bus is from the stop. The electronic bus stop boards are also equipped with LCD screens on the top to display public service announcements, commercial ads, traffic and weather information. There is also a camera installed on the top of the ‘steel box’ to prevent